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Living in the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we all need to understand that each one of us has beautiful and very unique gifts and callings of God on our lives. We have each been given a very special measure of faith in order to accomplish everything The Lord has destined for us to do in His End Time Plan.

In the coming days...even any moment will begin that will change the world as we know it forever. As His End Time Plan is commencing, we are each being lead to step out into the assignments He has destined for us, and we need to be ready and willing vessels to take on anything He has planned.

In God's army, just as in the military, there are many ranks. These ranks are crucial to have the order needed to accomplish everything He needs us to finish, as everything come to a close. Just as in the military, God's army also has many ranks, jobs, positions, and callings. Each one of these positions is also absolutely crucial to complete everything God has planned. No matter what level of faith, understanding, rank, job, or position each of us has, it does not change who we are in Jesus Christ, nor does it affect how important we are to The Father. He is no respecter of persons. He loves every one of us the same.  He sent His Only Begotten Son, Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for ALL, and for every sin ever committed from Adam & Eve to the very last moment of time. ALL done JUST because He loves us, and wants ALL of us to be in paradise with Him forever! Glory to God & Amen!!

We also need to understand that no matter what He has for us, no matter what we are each about to step into, we need to walk in Obedience, allowing Him to create in us a clean and repentant heart. As He cleans our hearts and sets us free from the bondages of this life, we always need to remember that there is NOTHING we can do in or of ourselves that will "help" us be in ANY rank or position...and it's EVERYTHING "He" did for "us" on that cross on Calvary!! 

Always know in you heart who you are in Jesus Christ and stand in the favor He WON for you on that cross! You are loved...and cherished...and appreciated...and NEEDED by The Father as part of the Body of Christ! Jesus said we are His hands and feet!
Remember, when we are walking with The Lord in true love and obedience to Him and His guidance in our lives, we walk in HIS righteousness, not of ourselves, but of HIM. When we walk in His righteousness, because we are in  Him, we automatically deserve every blessing, honor, rank, and position He created and chose for us even before creation! Not because of ourselves...but because of what He did for us!! HALLELUJAH!!

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