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Word From The Lord: "The Spirit and the Bride say COME!" - Kathy & Susan on the team

NOTE FROM KATHY: This is a message that was so amazing because it was given right after we finished very heavy heart healing and deliverance. After we were done with the ministry, the spirit of God fell so heavy that He just swept over us and the following words are what He spoke.

We also were so incredibly amazed because our beautiful sister Christine Beadsworth posted a message that was so similar, and she got her message at almost the same time we got this one! ( We just hadn't gotten the chance to put it out for you all!! And the amazing part is, because she didn't release hers until 2 days ago, we did not see her message until after we got this one from The Lord! And when we heard her message for the first time, Susan and I were like Wow! Wow! Wow! Glory to God! Just so much confirmation in his children right now! Hallelujah!!


Message From The Lord Given to Kathy & Susan during heavy Holy Sprit Ministry In The Very Early Morning Hours On 7/2/22:



The world as you know it is coming to an end.

IT's NOW, it's NOW, it's NOW.

TROOPS! Get ready for BATTLE!

Get up its time! Its time for battle!!


Get up out of your seat.

Wake up from your slumber!

It's time to go!

Man your battle stations now!

No more distractions.

Get your eyes off the world and keep them on Me.

I stand as your King of kings and Lord of lords.

The battle Is Mine, and you are my warriors.

I need each and everyone of you to man your Battle stations. is the time, now is the time, now is the time.

Overcomers now is the time.

Now my beloved...I come. We wed.

Everything you've been waiting for...

Everything I put in you to prepare you for this moment...

It's time.

Get ready my bride your Bridegroom cometh

Thus says the Lord.



We are done here. We are done here. We are done here.

Our job here is done. At this moment, we are done.

It is time. Positions...stand and step into your positions that you know I have given you.

No, the enemy lied to you to make you "think" you don't know, but you already know exactly what you're being called to. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy. Jesus has already given you your positions. STAND in who you KNOW you are in Jesus Christ....who you know you are in ME says The Lord! Take your positions! Man your battle stations, the time is NOW! You have everything you need to stand, don't listen to the lies of the enemy.

My beloved bride...My beloved WARRIOR bride...I come to receive you to Myself. I receive you to Myself My bride. Even now I place in you what you need...prepare My bride. Come away with Me, come away with Me My bride. You shall sing My song. Come away with Me My love. You are mine. You are Mine. You are Mine.

There is no time. Time is no more. There is no time. Time is over. Time is Up. Even as you sit where you are, there is no time. Time is no more.

My children, prepare, prepare, prepare. I come. I come. The Spirit and the bride say COME! The Spirit and the bride say COME!! The Spirit and the bride say COME!!! Come Lord Jesus! Come!! The bride says come Lord Jesus come!!! And the Spirit and the bride said Come!! Come Lord Jesus come!

And we proclaim, and we decree, and we declare that the Spirit and the bride say COME!! Come Lord Jesus come!! It is time, it is time!


Susan's visions while we were deep in the Spirit:

She saw mountains and tents. She saw the castle in the sky and it was beautiful.

She saw helicopters and a black military uniform, and she knew it represented that the first fruits Rachel bride are The Lord's "Special Ops"!

She saw that the enemy is scared of what he sees in us!

She saw Jesus standing before her and touching her shoulders as if to "dub" her in her position. She saw the Rainbow...the Veil...and she knew it was the Rainbow because it represented the Covenant.

She saw herself, when He comes, and she saw herself being taken in the air above her house!

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