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Word: Awaiting Transformation/ Secrets - Elvin@United Revelations (youtube channel)

(Note from Kathy: WOW!!! SO DEEP AND AMAZING!! GLORY TO GOD!!)

(Video below)


Welcome siblings I have another word the Lord has given me.

There's a lot of nuggets in here, in Parables and secrets in things like that...

My children are waiting for the transformation. Many signs are given, the Earth is groaning as a woman in travail, awaiting to give birth to the Sons and Daughters of Yahweh. Think of it in terms of labor pains my children. The water has not yet fully broken my dear ones, but as you see a woman in pain right before the water breaks, so the Earth is the same. The flood of water is a good sign when interpreted in this manner. The breaking of the encasing, and the flooding, is a sign of the soon birth. (I think when he talks about the encasing he's meaning the Earth's crust, but you all need to pray on that) It could be immediately, or soon after the breaking of the water. As the pains of birthing are seen, intricately, there are electrical signs, electrical signals traveling...discern children, DISCERN. The child is hidden until birth, where the child sees light for the first time. There the child leaves one state and enters another, ever-changing, learning, and growing, becoming who they were meant to be. In the womb (darkness), they are restricted. (at this point I was somewhat lost on what He was trying to say, yet not lost, if that makes sense) and then he finishes off with... I work from within children, is not a baby woven from within?"

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