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WARNING, PROPHECYPeople of Sydney Australia, MOVE NOW- Who Makes Intercession For Us


Sydney Australia be warned you are in ruins already, do not wait for More…. MOVE NOW.

This is a warning to My people of Australia they will close in and close in FAST.

Please move, if you have not ready done so, do not wait. The window of opportunity is very small. It is open now, so MOVE.

MOVE quickly, you can get out now so run, run for your lives. It will be a testing ground for how they will evacuate cities around the world. You will not hear how it is done. It will be ruthless, merciless mercenary will carry out this task and move to the next city. Be on the run. Move now, I can not express this to you more clearly. Deadly will they be, shoot to kill orders are in place.

MOVE, I can not write the Word clearer.

Move, move, move NOW.

That is all My Child.

Father Jehovah Speaks

I prayed hard over this and then asked the Lord for confirmation, I said one chance confirmation. I covered the Bible in the blood and then opened. The first verse I see was:

Luke 22:71 KJV “And they said, What need we any further witness? for we ourselves have heard of his own mouth.”

Take this to the Father and please pray for the people of Sydney.

Written at 11:11 Sunday 19th December 2021

The Lord went on to say

They want to ‘keep’ this city (Sydney) and county thus they will not drop nuclear booms on it, it has nice weather and temperament. The people are easy going and will do what they are told… eventually and are congealed. (Congealed? Lord, did I hear you right??) Yes, congealed look up the meaning. (Congeal meaning is to change from a soft or fluid state to a rigid or solid state) What is happen to the blood of the vaccinated? (Blood clots, I get it now)

What they want are the ‘beautiful people’ Australia has many and most in the state in which you live, many are NOT taking the v and they know this, thus they have not put the pressure on your state as much to be vaxed. They know the ‘beautiful ones’ are staying at home and will not be vaxxed thus they will come after them door to door, this is the time. The time of now, they are after you and your beautiful children, they will cull the rest.

This state will be the slowest. They will come door to door as they know you are here and of pure blood line to Me. Watch out, they know you. Be careful in your dealings from now on, ask Me who to touch. I will guide but they are after you, you and your folks. (Me personally or at you talking about eugenic? White, tall, handsome, blue eyes and so on?) That’s is it exactly, what you see on the cat walk as such. (Just like world war 2 in wanting a pure looking race?) Yes, that is the plan, so they can have ‘fun’ with them. It is sick but it is what it is.

(The Lord started to talk about babies, but I could not listen anymore.)

The time was 11:46 am when I finish this the Lord said look up John 11:46 for confirmation on this Words to Me.

John 11:46 KJV But some of them went their ways to the Pharisees, and told them what things Jesus had done.

Be careful My friends in Christ, I do not always ask for permission to talk with people or to pray for them. The evil is among us.

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