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Tsunami Dream – Glenn Black


On 2021-12-19 at 6:40 AM, I awoke from a scary dream, as follows.

I was driving in my pickup truck during daylight, a bright sunny day, along a road in a wooded area near a waterfront of a large body of water, which was familiar to me. It was familiar to me, like it was my own property, but the dream was different than my real life situation (land, trees, water, piles of stuff). The location was extremely similar to the South-west corner of our 113 acre waterfront property on Lake Huron, but different.

There were piles of pallet loads of equipment and supplies stored along the sides of the road, leaving a narrow trail down the middle, just wide enough for my truck to pass. Previously in the day, I had been rooting through one of the piles of stuff, and had left some cardboard boxes in the road. Rather than driving over them with my truck, I stopped, put the truck in Park, got out, and cleaned up my mess. The point where I stopped was where the road ran parallel to the waterfront, then the road turned to go directly away from the water in a straight line through the forest.

Just then, there was an extremely loud noise, like wind rushing through the trees (but the motion of the trees was inconsistant with what I heard, therefore confused me) plus I heard loud creaking, like a steel bridge frame coming under tremendous load. I could look through the trees towards the waterfront. I looked up from the cardboard boxes in the road, and could see something very large, gray, way out in the water, dimensions were about twice as wide as tall, with many contour lines of shades of gray, and rapid movement, like billowing gray clouds, low & wide, above the water horizon. It looked like it was over top of the water, or coming up from the water. I couldn’t figure out what I was seeing. The noise and creaking got louder as the disturbance over the water grew in size, lasting about 5 seconds in duration.

Suddenly, the creaking came to a crescendo in rising pitch and frequency like the load was reaching a maximum, then the noise stopped, and then a wooshing sound occurred, and the trees all around me responded, like in an air burst shock wave, or something similar. I could also see a change out over the water. I finally realized what I had been previously seeing. Huge volumes of liquid water from the lake (or ocean) had been sucked up into the air (or pushed up), then that column of water was suddenly released back down to the lake. I never saw any meteor, nor machine that could have made the creaking sound, but it could have been hidden inside the disturbed water in the air. It also could have been a “naturally occurring” water spout that had picked up the water, but in that case, I cannot explain why it wasn’t a tall thin column similar to video I’ve previously seem of water spouts, for this event was low & wide, not tall & thin; and I can’t explain the loud, like steel frame under increasing load, creaking sound that I audibly heard.

When the water was suddenly released back down to the lake, it became much better distinguishable exactly what I was seeing. There was now a huge tsunami wave of water coming my way.

I stumbled and waved and shook around on my feet, flinging my arms out in front of myself trying to hold on, or break my fall. I’m not sure if that was because of a air shock wave, or an earthquake, or my rubber-like legs failing me due to fear.

I knew I had to get back into my pickup truck and drive inland, away from the waterfront, and away from the water tsunami as quickly as possible. The waves were huge and coming extremely quickly. I struggled to get back to my truck, just 30 ft. away, as I was unable to walk well, not sure if it was fear or air shock waves, or earthquake, but my progress was extremely slow, and I realized the waves were likely going to get me before I made it back to my truck and could speed down the road away from the tsunami. I woke up.

I used to dream a lot as a kid, but rarely dream as an adult. I was a luke-warm Christian for 60 years, then in Feb. 2017 became a Born Again Christian who seeks to be fully obedient to God’s commandments. I am a Watchman, and aware of End Times that are upon us. This is my first prophetic dream.

Glenn Black

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