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Thunders and Lightnings Imparted - Christine Beadsworth

Updated: Dec 13, 2022


Jennifer Dream:

Good morning, Precious Saints,

I really pray that you are rejoicing in the Lord, no matter your outward circumstances.

Things are getting darker and darker in the world… But that is to be expected, is it not?

So, I would like to share a word with you and also a picture I was given. The first thing I

was shown was a picture of the High Priest’s breastplate, the stones on it, being in all

the different colors, were radiating lightning and flashes of color like pulses of energy,

and each stone was set in its own gold setting. Then I was shown behind the

breastplate and I saw golden chains going from each stone to the heart of the High

Priest, and they were anchored in his heart.

The Lord gave me a word to share where He personally speaks, but I first want to share

the understanding I had of that vision concerning the breastplate. In Malachi 3, it says

that those who feared the Lord are written in His Book of Remembrance, and they will

be His jewels in the day when He openly displays them. I really felt the Holy Spirit

showing me by this picture of the breastplate, that God's jewels are displayed on the

breastplate of Yeshua, the High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek. It is there that

they are set in place, in golden settings upon His breast, and secured so that they

cannot fall out of their places.

God does not display His jewels by opening His treasure box and tossing them onto a

table in a jumbled random order. They are set in place in order that is preordained and

they are anchored to His heart and His heart thoughts. They are now receiving pulses of

light and revelation from His heart - and they are held in this place. Then the Spirit

reminded me of John, the beloved disciple who laid his head against Jesus’ breast. He

anchored his mind on the sound of the heart of the Son of God. And that is why John

was the disciple that Jesus loved.

So now I want to share with you what the Lord said to me after showing me that flashing

breastplate. First, He instructed me to look at the date, and I noticed that it was the 12th

of the 12th. And then He said: “Today I commissioned the release of Lightnings and

Thunders from My heart to the hearts of the bondslaves, who are to be set in place

and fixed securely in their settings. Today, I release authority (represented by the

number 12) to the ‘12 company’; the sent ones(and in the background I heard the

word ‘apostello’). Today, my angels go hastily to deliver the allotted portions.”

Then I saw a vessel of clay, blackened by soot, with a roundish bottom and a long neck

and handles on either side of the neck. It was sitting in the ashes of a fireplace and it

looked worn, much used, abused despised and lowly. It made me think of Cinderella,

who was used, abused and despised and consigned to lowly labor, even though she

was a daughter in the household. Then I saw a lightning bolt hit the vessel, and instantly

it was transfigured into a golden vessel, polished and beautiful. I use the word

transfigured deliberately because it was completely changed in its material.

Then I watched as the ashes seemed to be repelled from around the golden vessel, as

if some sort of frequency was being emitted which pushed away the ashes and the

elements of the vessel's previous surroundings, so it did not touch the vessel. It glowed

with some sort of light and a scripture came to mind: It was Isaiah 61, from verse 3:

‘to grant to those who mourn in Zion, to give them an ornament of beauty instead of

ashes, the oil of joy, instead of mourning, the garment of praise, instead of a heavy and

burdened spirit, that they may be called oaks of righteousness; the planting of the Lord

that He may be glorified.’

And then, as I kept watching the scene of this golden vessel, now with this clean area

around it because all the ashes had been repelled, I saw two people or angels (I'm not

sure what they were) walk into the room. They were wearing long robes and seeing the

golden vessel in the fireplace, they each laid hold of one of its handles and they carried

it out of that room between them. So there was one of these, I'm going to say they are

angels, an angel on either side of the vessel carrying it aloft out of that environment. It

looked like when bodyguards escort a VIP from one location that is dangerous or where

there may be some sort of harm to another safer location.