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"THIS IS IT, MY LOVE, TIME TO FLY"!! - sister Kelly

Message From The Lord Through Sister Kelly:


May Elohim bless you guys today is September 28th of 2022. I received an important message that was downloaded to my spirit around 5 p.m.

Title: "This is it My love, time to Fly"

To Him be the glory and the honor forevermore. May His name be praised always and forever.

"This is it my love time to fly. I am coming quickly now My children, what you see is nothing compared to what is going to commence. Repent now while you still can. Now is the time of salvation. Now is the time to be ready. I come quickly. Changes are coming...changes are coming. The time is at hand when the First Fruits Gathering will be gathered unto Me. For the time is now. You are coming home soon, all will be well with you. Fear not, for The Almighty is with you. Do not dismay, many changes are coming hold on to Me. For soon it will be time to fly. For you know that the time is now. Come now to Me in My secret chambers and stay with me for a little while until the wrath passes. For a little while you will be instantly changed. Stay in My Word, be My light in the dark world, be My light. Soon darkness will cover the earth and thick darkness. I am coming for my jewels, for you know who you are. Be always ready watch, for the time is now. Be my My light my My light. Changes are coming. You are coming to a close.

The Lover of your soul,

King Yahushua, Jesus.

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