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"The False Prophet"...A Dream & Confirmations

So for the last few days, I have been seeking the Lord on needing just a little more confirmations and background on who we know He has shown us to be the false prophet...Pope Francis. Amazingly, Jennifer went on a trip with her husband, and for the one night that they were gone she had a dream! And when she came back last night, and she was reading her dream, in my spirit I knew immediately that Jesus was answering my question! I will go ahead and post her dream below, and wait until you see all the confirmations below it when we go through the interpretation!


Amanda and I were in the town of "Many" (Many, LA, pronounced "Manny"). She was driving and I was a passenger. We were going to look at the Catholic church which had just burned down, with only some of the frame visible. We had to drive in the circle driveway in front of church, with a fountain in the middle the circle. There were 2 life size statues of angels, facing each other in front of the church, with the steps between them down to the driveway. There were a few people sitting on a low stone wall at the bottom of the stairs. While driving in the circle driveway we saw a Friar come out of what was left of church and down the stairs. He was tall and thin and was greeting and talking to the people. Amanda then says that priest Constantine "was a good man" and did for the people. He died and did not see the church burned."



There are several messages in some of the symbolism of this dream.


**The very first thing that came to mind, which we did get confirmation on, was "MANy" and "AMANda". I immediately heard "MAN" in "the MAN the False prophet"

**Jennifer was a passenger, and we knew that meant that she was an "observer"

**The minute I heard Jennifer said "Catholic Church", I knew right away that The Lord was answering my prayers for more on Pope Francis, the False Prophet.

**As far as the church burning down, we knew that represented the fact that mainstream "churchland", with the Catholic Church right up front, *rolls eyes*, is about to come down (ipetgoat2 when the church falls) - as you all know, this collapse in ipetgoat2 partially represented Notre Dame coming down almost exactly as it collapsed -- BUT - here is the kicker HERE!! As you all ALSO know - NOTRE DAME (A CATHOLIC CHURCH) BURNED DOWN!!! Just like this dream Jennifer had! WOOOAH!!!

In our studies as a team in just the past month, The Lord revealed that this church in ipetgoat2 actually represents 6 (count the spires) OF the 7 churches of revelation (Philadelphia the 144,000 Rachel bride excluded) - and along with JENNIFER'S DREAM above - BOTH represent the collapse and take down of ALL religions as the world knows them now - and there will be ONE WORLD RELIGION worshipping the antiChrist and the beast system. This has really already been put in place and they are literally just waiting for the moment the antiChrist takes his dirtbag throne. So Jennifer's dream, along with ipetgoat2, is saying ONLY the "framework" of the religions of the world will be left, and they will USE that framework to open up the NEW "ONE WORLD RELIGION".

**Relating to the circle driveway, Jeannie said it the best, it represents everything coming FULL CIRCLE heading right into the appearance of the antiChrist and the False Prophet, as well as the One World Religion...and WE ARE HERE.

**We believe The Lord showed us that the fountain in the middle represents the "FALSE fountain of life" - and a FALSE baptism into the One World Religion

**The Lord also revealed that the 2 life-sized angels represent FALLEN ANGELS. Jennifer immediately thought of idols, of course, but both of us went right to THIS:

The Lord FULLY CONFIRMED that the reason those angels were not harmed in the fire in Jennifer's dream, is because they ALSO represent the 2 fallen angels in the above story that brother Henry tells us about, and they have a VERY specific assignment for the time we are in RIGHT NOW. The Lord sent Henry back when this happened to BIND them until such a time as this! This discussion also reminded me that Dan had just mentioned earlier in the day that the fact that the Euphrates has dried up is CRUCIAL right now, and he was getting from The Lord that those fallen angels ARE RELEASED!! THIS IS HOW CLOSE WE ARE GUYS!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!

And believe it or not, what's amazing is, EVEN THE STAIRS were symbolic in Jennifer's dream! They make a WHOLE OTHER connection! YET AGAIN, The Lord connects TRUMP with THE FALSE PROPHET/POPE FRANCIS!! AMAZING!!

See this video and watch THIS video below of Enter the Stars on youtube - from the 5:41 minute mark to 10:35 - and I will post the key screen shots below the video!!


So in Jennifer's dream, the friar was "descending" the stairs - so we believe The Lord showed us this is because in the dream, the False Prophet is ALREADY ascended to his dirtbag throne, and in the dream he was "descending" to talk to "his subjects", the people on the wall below. The elite also look down at the people as "useless eaters", so in his dark and evil way, by descending the stairs to talk with the people below siting on the wall, he is giving them what he sees as "the honor" of talking with him - using his FALSE light to LOUR them into the lie.

SO - the reason we KNOW the friar represents Pope Francis is because The Lord led us to a bit of VERY interesting information!! Jennifer found this:

"Following his election as pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, chose to be called “Francis,” after St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the Order of Friars Minor, or “lesser brothers,” to which the Franciscan friars belong."

SO - this TOTALLY confirms the friar in Jennifer's dream IS ABSOLUTELY Pope Francis, The False Prophet!!

***And in regard to this quote below from Jennifer's dream:

"Amanda then says that priest Constantine "was a good man" and did for the people. He died and did not see the church burned"

Constantine was the founder of the Catholic Church. so Jennifer did a search on Constantine and found out that after seeking the One True God for help, he, and his whole army, really DID have a vision from The Lord, during a battle, where it talks about how he believes he was led to make Christianity "the" religion of Rome. And last night, while talking about this dream, Jennifer got a word from The Lord that Constantine really WAS sincere in wanting to do as The Lord was leading him. However he was SO surrounded with paganism of Rome, the church ended up being a mix of Christianity and paganism. So, YES, Constantine did have a genuine heart to help people come to The Lord, but, after his death, Catholicism grew into a terribly mixed faith, yet "looks" as if it's truly Christian. (You can easily search out the history and life of Constantine to confirm this)


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