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The Anointing – Ruth Johnson


The anointing, My follower, The anointing, My friend, The anointing is coming again! Are you prepared, My child? Prepared to receive The anointing for the end? I need you, My soldier, I call you, My slave, My servant, My worker, My Bride! May the righteous not falter From My Holy Altar, And from My Light do not hide! This will prove to be a wild ride! One you have not been on For a very long time! My apostles of old And disciples untold, The flames at Pentecost Did behold. The people all there Heard their prayer In diverse tongues That the battle was won By the King Who was hung On the cross. He arose to My Throne, His True Home And opened the door For the lost. His sheep were all scattered, To Him all that mattered Was for them to return to the fold. The deception and lies Of the wool wearing wolves At the time had taken strong hold. The Man crucified In a gory tide Of water and blood Disappeared from His tomb! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! He won! He appeared to his flock, Five hundred or more, Unscathed, walking around. Then ascended in clouds, A glistening Dove, To return to His Father Above. He sent the Spirit Forty days later To anoint the ones of His Great Love, So they could spread the news, The Messiah did not lose, In contrast, He conquered death! And in His passing, And in His rising, He bestowed on us new breath! The Spirit came Like a circle of flame And anointed the heads Of the frightened believers. Their fear vanished, They boldly preached To all who would be receivers Of the Great Commission To spread the Word To the ends of the earth, And they were heard. They healed the sick, Raised the dead, Were chased from town to town. When finally caught Their accusers slayed them, And they laid their mortal bodies down, And rose to their Friend, Their Brother, their Saviour, With a cry of a joyful sound! They then were anointed With heavenly ointment With a scent not on earth to be found. Their filthy clothes Exchanged for white robes, They joined the celestial crowd. An anointing is nigh From the Almighty on High, El Shaddai no Adonai, Who sent His Son For us to die And break the hold Of original sin So into heaven We all could come in. Are you there, My followers? Are you prepared, My friends, My brothers and sisters, For the anointing again? And bring this world To its prophesied end? Open your eyes, Look to the skies, Raise your hands, Speak My Name In Holy Praise, And I Will send the Comforter To help you through The final days!

O my Lord! Amen!

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