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Supernatural – Patti Young


The Lord spoke to me today.

The Lord said ” Get used to living in the Supernatural, for are you not the living among the dead?

Things are about to take place in the earth that are unknown to mankind. The supernatural events both among the living and among the dead.

Am I not the God of all might, and miracles follow me?

And am I not the creator of all things?

But, I say there is a traitor among you, who shall soon rise up and great and miraculous things he shall perform, but these are not of me.

A deception shall mirror my works among the people. Only those with an eyes to see shall know that I am not in the midst of his deception. His works of his father, the evil one who is a liar and a prince of thieves.

I say unto my people, come up higher, rise up into the heavenlies, for I shall impart unto you all of these things, that are of my kingdom that are not of your world.

The blind shall see, the deaf shall hear the lame shall walk the afflicted shall be set free the imprisoned no longer bound. The dishonored shall now be honored and sought after, for all these things are to come, and I shall pour them out unto my own, power not of this world but of me, for am I not Life?

Kingdom shall rise against kingdom, but the earth has yet to see what I am about to impart to my own. I shall pour out as has never been done. My kingdom comes and I will set down upon the earth with my power and my might and my glory shall be revealed throughout all the earth.

Man shall settle in his heart at the finalizing of of all things, whom shall you serve.

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