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Set in Place Like Stars ~ pt 1 - Christine Beadsworth

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Set in Place Like Stars ~ pt 1

Christine Beadsworth


Precious saints,

given what is unfolding at a rapid pace since the recent world leader summits, there is no guarantee how long I will be able to continue sending out emails. It looks like we are going to have a tumultuous December. So, I am sending you this study the Holy Spirit took me on and you can peruse it at your leisure.

Ursa Minor (Little Bear) depicts the manchild company, anchored to the North Star and rotating around the throne of God.


Psalm 19 says the following in the Passion Translation: Psa 19:1 For the Pure and Shining One. A poem of praise by King David, his loving servant. God’s splendor is a tale that is told; his testament is written in the stars. Space itself speaks his story every day through the marvels of the heavens. His truth is on tour in the starry vault of the sky, showing his skill in creation’s craftsmanship. Psa 19:2 Each day gushes out its message to the next, night with night whispering its knowledge to all. Psa 19:3 Without a sound, without a word, without a voice being heard, Psa 19:4 Yet all the world can see its story. Everywhere its gospel is clearly read so all may know. This study is a discovery of what the stars above Jerusalem are saying during the Early Barley Ripeness celebration of Hanukah in November, and also the Orthodox Hanukah in December. ** For those who are new to my blog and do not understand the early celebration of the feasts, please go back to the message called Keeping in Step and Following the Cloud . This explains the early ripening of the Barley this year, 2022. Remember, God controls the seasons and the growth of crops and when the cloud moves, for our own safety, we must pull up stakes and follow. May His faithful remnant be led by His Spirit into all truth. Selah


Saints, don’t faint when you see the length of this PDF. It contains many pictures! Just as I did at the beginning of 5783,

the Spirit directed me to compare the skies on the early celebration of Hanukah with the Orthodox dates for this feast.

Remember Ursa Minor depicts the manchild company. So, let’s look at the positioning of ursa minor at 3 different times

on this first day of Early Barley Ripeness Hanukah:

1. Beginning of evening watch, 6pm 20th November 2022 2. Midnight (end of second watch of night on 1st day of early Hanukah)

3. At the end of the morning watch, as the sun rises on 21st Nov, the first day of early Hanukah

Set in Place as Stars

Wow, as the feast begins, the little bear looksupside down and being loomed over by the dragon! BUT things will change!

2. at MIDNIGHT of 1st day Early Barley Ripeness Hannukah 5783, Ursa minor is now facing East, POSITIONED for outpouring judgement on the belly of the dragon who is still in process of rising to full visibility. (At midnight the cry goes out, “BEHOLD HE COMES” Matt 25:6) i.e. the constellations above are showing commencement of manchild ministry, as they are positioned to release a corporate sound, powered by the Spirit of Elijah (in the pattern of John the Baptist).

(Remember on the last day of this early Hanukah celebration, 28th Nov 2022, I released the word speaking directly to the enemies of the Lord about His coming judgement)

3. AT DAWN ON 1ST DAY EARLY BARLEY HANNUKAH, Polaris, Kochab and Arcturus are in ALIGNMENT as the sun rises over ‘Mount Zion on the sides of the north, the city of the great king’

*Remember Kochab means ‘waiting for Him Who comes’. Arcturus means ‘He comes’. Alignment shows oneness, seeing eye to eye, being in full agreement with the mind and purposes of Him Who comes. THIS DEPICTS THOSE WHO ARE FULLY PREPARED, rightly positioned, FULLY ALIGNED WITH true North and Him Who comes Notice the dragon is now fully visible but positioned BELOW the manchild company!!

Polaris Kochab

I sought the Lord as to what this early positioning of the constellation depicting the manchild was signifying because, in roughly a month’s time, the orthodox Hanukah would be celebrated and Ursa Minor would once again be rotating around the North Star. What was different and why was it important for the manchild company; the Tip of the Spear group, to mark this early Feast of Dedication...? because from what I could see, Ursa Minor goes through the same positions during the orthodox Hanukah BECAUSE it is anchored to the North Star, Polaris. This is what I heard:






All of these statements describe part of Heavenly Logistics – the movement of troops and supplies for the battle ahead. We have been doing 40 days of washing of the Word; a baptism by the Spirit of Elijah. This is the PREPARATION spoken of. It ends on Thursday 1st December. Remember that I said that during the Orthodox Hanukah celebration, the Ursids meteor

shower is on display. Well, here we see the FIREPOWER referenced by the Lord! But first we had to get into POSITION, properly and permanently anchored to the throne of God, and this occurred during your time with the Spirit in these days of washing. Once fully positioned, SEALING to anchor you in specific position in this manchild company is accomplished. Like a fully cut and polished jewel, you must be set in place in Heaven’s choice of setting in the heavenly sphere – this is why full yieldedness was mandatory. His people offer themselves willingly in the Day of His Power (Ps 110).

We see an example of all these logistics in the life of Esther. She was prepared before she was positioned and set in place. She was sealed in her appointed place by the placing of the crown upon her head and revealed to the nation as the one whom the king loved more than all the other women. At that time, it was not known what the battle ahead would specifically look like, but there was Divine purpose in her positioning. Esther was POSITIONED before Haman rose to

become ‘the son of the right hand’. He was not the king’s son but the gift of the king’s signet ring gave him the rights of the firstborn, set in place with a father’s authority! King Xerxes was a ‘king of kings’ as he ruled over 127 provinces (Esther 1:1). The placing of Esther and the rise of Haman, the counterfeit son of the right hand, give us prophetic clues about the rising and setting in place of the antichrist in these days. He takes the position of a first-born ‘son’ (antichrist means ‘instead of Christ’). Heaven is positioning its manchild company first, fully armed and equipped for the battle ahead. Esther’s FIRE-POWER and spiritual warfare blueprint was received during her fast and effected during her love feasts with the king and his sidekick, Haman, and also with the release of the decree that the people of God could defend themselves

when Haman’s diabolical attack plan was appointed to unfold (the victory celebrated during Purim). After Esther became queen, she must have thought, “Oh this is great but why am I in this position, God?” Well, it soon became very clear! And perhaps it is the same for you.... God may have moved you geographically or spiritually to a new position but you cannot see clearly what it is you are to do now that you are set in place there. Don’t fret – it will all become abundantly clear shortly!