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Revelatory Sounds & Song - "The Sound Of The Bridegroom" - Sylvia

Sylvia submitted 5/31/22:

Around 2 weeks ago as I was drifting off to sleep one night, I suddenly heard the sound of loud crashing thunder which came with a bright bolt of lightning. It startled me awake and I realised it was not raining or anything like that in the physical (realm); in fact the night was peaceful and quiet.

Then today this instrumental song (below) popped out in my YouTube feed and as I was listening to it, the crashing thunder sound at the beginning of the song reminded me of my experience. Maybe I had heard the sound of heaven’s armies in the spirit? I don't know. Just sharing! :)

(Kathy's note: YES!! How GLORIOUS!! JESUS IS COMIN!! The Lord led me to this picture a tiny the GLORY that Jesus will come back with! HALLELUJAH!!!)

Reference song from above:

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