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Part 4!! Revelations of The AntiChrist "Denver Airport Murals/Project Paperclip/Obama Was Born!!

Updated: Mar 11



The amount of revelation that the Lord is pouring out right now is beyond comprehension! Everybody needs to understand this is absolutely the time. We are here. If there's anyone who sees these posts full of these amazing revelations of where we are, still doubts where we are in history, and that Obama IS INDEED the man, the antiChrist...I don't know what else to tell them.

Last night, we were going to do a live stream to talk about the new post that we just put up yesterday about Trump and Scotland! But then the Lord showed us a whole new batch of huge revelatory understandings!!! So I knew I needed to wait another day, put up this post, and then do a live stream with both of them.

The birth and life of Jesus Christ, of course, Was the most amazing time on earth...but…this.....the time of His 2nd the most unprecedented and exciting time in history!! And WE WERE ALL HAND PICKED BY GOD TO BE HERE RIGHT NOW!! GLORY TO GOD!! HALLELUJAAAAH!!!


Without further ado, I will get right into this next revealing. So like I said, last night I had planned on doing a live stream, however the Lord just started opening up a whole new, amazing batch of revelations!

So I was in a conversation with Allyson, and I can't even remember how or why it came up, but the Denver murals came up in our conversation. And she asked me if any of us have ever broken them down. And I said to her, “Ya know, the crazy thing is, I don't think we have! They may have come up once or twice, but the Lord has just never brought them up in anything that would cause the need to break them down. But, sister, we need to do that tonight! I'm going to post this, and we need to start going through this to see if anything that has happened in the world lines up with these murals!”

So I posted it in our messenger, and...well my goodness, I was definitely not prepared to see what the Lord revealed!! My mouth was absolutely on the floor!! Now the Lord actually started me on the path of researching the truth about the world, and the end times back in the mid 90s. But because I was still Catholic, and I wasn't in a place in my life where I could really dive in, he just introduced little nuggets of information that I would use later to put puzzle pieces together. Well last night, one of those “nuggets” (the Denver airport murals - 1994) was definitely brought up! I mean…WOW!!

So I do a couple searches online and found the murals. The main one of course, with all the children, all the countries of the world handing in all their weapons to the antiChrist. So of course, like everybody else, My focus is on the little German, blonde hair, blue eyed boy in the center who's “hammering the sword into a plowshare”, just like scripture says. And of course, back in the 90s, people still had a very basic understanding, based on World War Two, Hitler, and that whole scene, so of course the Antichrist is portrayed to be a little German boy with blonde hair and blue eyes…related to the whole “Aryan race” thing That Obama was pushing…and “scientifically manipulating” at that time.

OK, so with that in mind, I start to look around on that main mural with all of the countries, all of the Peace symbolism and everything... And I'm looking at the little German boy... And for the first time in 30 years, my eyes go to the left a little bit... And I see a little dark-skinned baby! Not only is it a baby, but they're portraying it with a HALO!!? I mean are you kidding me!? I was thinking…am I seeing what I think I'm seeing!? Did I ever notice this before!? And you know you kidding me!? LOL!!! I have looked at these murals 1000 times over the years. Always saw all the kids, but the only one that of course I ever really focused on was the little German boy! I never really studied any of the other ones, because the focus seemed to be on this Antichrist figure, the little German boy! Yet... This little dark-skinned baby was right there, in the center, literally right over the middle of the bent sword!!! Right in my face!! I mean you can't make this stuff up!!

So you'll laugh, I just kept saying to know I'm not mean, how in the world did I miss this!? In all these years!? So I start doing searches to find the oldest website I could find with the same murals, and do you know that every single one of them has that little baby right in the center!! I even had the thought, of the possibility of the Mandela effect! lol Like did someone go back in time and change the painting!? Did somebody go and add him in there!?? So I start messaging Jennifer about this, and we start to look to the Lord together, we start to look some things up, and Jennifer got FULL ON confirmation – FROM JESUS - that that – YES - that little baby…BABY OBAMA… has been there since that painting was painted!!!

Well my mouth was on the floor. So I was looking to the Lord on it, and I'm literally having a conversation with Him…asking Him How I missed that!? And He's so wonderful....guys, we all know, it's all about God's timing. The Lord simply reminds me of what He just showed us this week! The little blonde haired, blue-eyed German boy......WAS THE DECOY!!!!!! He represents the British Monarchy (who are ACTUALLY GERMAN remember!!?)….and the Monarchy, of course, as you’ll remember from the last few days, represents the antiChrist Beast System, Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother of All Harlots, and “the world”!! I mean you seriously can't make this up!! So he showed me how EFFECTIVE that DECOY really was!!! We didn't even notice that they TOLD US IN THAT MURAL….THAT OBAMA WOULD BE THE ANTICHRIST!!! IN PLAIN SITE!!! Just completely UNFATHOMABLE!! GLORY TO GOD!! THANK YOU JESUS for revealing THE TRUTH!!

OK so now I'm just going to post some information and below that I'll give a brief explanation to help you bring all these puzzle pieces together...


But for the sake of this post as my explanation, I will post smaller images below:

OH OH!!! I forgot to mention THIS!! (SEE PICTURE BELOW) The Scottish boy dancer represents TRUMP and his Scottish bloodline!! There are decorations hanging from his apron that take the shape of an "M" for the MACLEOD CLAN which is the bloodline of his mother!! And of course thats the line going STRAIGHT to The British Royal MONARCHY!! AMAZING what Jesus is uncovering! HALLELUJAAAAAH!!!

You will see ALSO below - the SNAKE right behind him FOLLOWING him!! Trump read that OH so famous poem!! "YOU KNEW DARN WELL I WAS A SNAKE BEFORE YOU TOOK ME IN!"!!! He also got the CV Vax/SNAKE BITE/Mark of the Beast up and runnin! Boy oh boy - yet MORE CONFIRMATION that he did his job!!!




Below is the enemy mocking those who want to know the TRUTH....


And take a look at the SHAPE OF DENVER AIRPORT:

In front of the Denver Airport - Sweet dontchya think! *raises one eyebrow*




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