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NO CHRISTMAS – Terri Hennessey

November 22, 2021 4:16 PM Terri Hennessey

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

I have a message to share with you all from ABBA Father. But first I just wanted to give a little preface. I have been going through some time of learning how to overcome some things that I’ve been struggling with this past several weeks. Today, through the amazing grace of the Lord, He brought it all into a revelatory light for me and as such I have peace and have been praising and thanking Him all throughout my day today. I finally sat down and looked at my video feed and came across a warning word from a sister in The Lord with a youtube channel who I know shares her messages on this site. She asked us to pray as it was a High Watch warning and so upon finishing the video, I got down on my knees and began to pray, seeking the mercy of the Lord. Within a short time, I felt the Holy Spirit come over me and with great weeping and lamenting, I cried and prayed for His mercy upon the world and especially the people of America. Upon coming out of prayer and rising to my feet, I heard the Lord tell me to write. I got out my book and pen and began to write. I just wanted to share that this is likely the most powerfully felt message Father has ever given me. What I mean to say is I could really feel His emotions as He spoke His words to me. This is also the very first message where I heard Him say the words “Says the Lord”. I could feel His righteous anger as he gave these words to me through His Spirit. Indeed He is our glorious all loving and all merciful God, but He is also just and righteous. All glory and Honor belong to our Great and Awesome God Yahuah Yahweh and Him alone.

Nov 22, 2021 2:30PM

Daughter write,

The days and weeks ahead will wake up My children. Yes, it is true, No Christmas will be celebrated in the earth for it is an abomination unto the Most High. My children will find out on their own, for most have refused to listen and heed the words of those I have sent. A great cry will go out throughout the earth. The Harvest is ripe; is ready. Who shall I send? My Army, My Remnant shall be anointed from On High. I shall send them out in droves, they shall go to those who are in confusion, who feel distress from the great chaos. My hand will continue to be upon the lands and the peoples but it is time to wake up the sleeping church. For their own Pastors have given them poison which has caused them all to fall asleep. Snake Oil, sold bill of goods to all unsuspecting. These are My children Says The Lord. These are My sheep and I shall open their eyes for it is surely time. Be ready My harvesters for your day is approaching when you will know the Lord your God has poured out My Spirit upon you. You will hear My instructions, My directions and I will lead you to those of My children that are bound for eternal glory. The enemy will run; will hide, for the fear of the Lord will be upon My anointed. For it is I AM who leads their steps, leads their hands and their mouths. It is I AM who is in each of My own beloved Army of Soldiers; fearless and ready to cut off the head of Goliath. Hallelujah! My Remnant will face head on and tear down every pillar, every evil will they pull down and crush every god that are worshipped and they will not rise again. For it is My time Says The Lord. My great day of reaping Says The Lord. All will know of My glory. All will know I AM the Lord. Hallelujah!!

When Father finished speaking, I wrote: Praise the Living God!

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