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Multiple Similar Dreams/Two Twin Brothers/Dark Event At Medical Facility - Matt M

I had two dreams that were similar to each other and my twin brother had two similar dreams that all four were similar to each other.The two dreams that I had were back to back. I'm in some kind of medical facility not sure if it's a nursing home or not. All the doors had been locked and no one was allowed to answer the phone. Angry people gather at the door and can't get in. No one is allowed in or out of the facility. These people wanted to see their family members.I learned that someone took someone hostage and ordered this to happen. I then wake up.

The second dream I had I'm in a park with hills and deep ravines. The park is closed and no one could come in or out.My brother and I are walking down a path. Up ahead we see some angry people come out of the woods and start throwing rocks at us.My brother turns back to go down a different path. I decided to continue on the path. I then see someone hold up a bundle of sticks that were smoldering and waves it in the air. I then see more people step out of the woods. I then decided to go where my brother went. I see that he is two hills away from me. I then wake up

A few days later I was telling my twin about the two dreams. His face was in shock as I told him. He then said that he had two dreams very similar to mine. He only told me about one of his dreams. I'm not sure if they were on the same night as mine or not, but I think so. In his dream he is in a medical facility and no one can go in or out. He was hiding as someone was hunting him down. I'm sorry, but I forgot to ask him about his second dream, but he said that it was similar.

Again my two dreams and his two dreams are very similar to each other.



MATT: I woke up in the middle of the night and asked God what the two dreams meant. I then had a thought come to me that the wall on the border isn't just to keep people out, but in as well.

KATHY: When Matt sent me these dreams, the first thing that came to my mind was the upcoming FEMA camps. And "medical" being involved is of course reminiscent of the vax/mark of the beast.


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