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MORE!! Now PART 3 Of The AntiChrist Revelations!! "Why Was Trump In Scotland During Coronation"?

Updated: Mar 11


Hi everybody! Well, I guess we're back for the third time! Like I said literally revelations flowing every day like a waterfall from Jesus! Glory to God! So this next set of revelations is relating to why Donald Trump was in Scotland at the same time as the coronation of Charles.

Well in the past day and a half, the Lord has been opening up some very heavy things that are going on in the darkness behind the scenes. And when I see darkness, I don't mean just bad people doing bad things. I mean serious satanic Antichrist rituals to prepare and set the stage for the throning of dirtbag Barak O bama, “Lightning From Heaven”…the man, the antiChrist.

So I don't know if everyone saw the reports of a bit of a crazy little incident... What many called the grim Reaper walking across the doorway to Westminster Abbey while every main-stream media camera was pointed at it. When I saw this this morning, I literally almost fell out of my chair! As you all know the Lord was telling us that something very big was going to go down yesterday during the coronation. We did know that things were happening in the spirit, as well as in the natural, however when we saw this, well my goodness that was just complete “knock your socks off”!!

Take a look at this short video below...

Well as I'm sure you could all guess, we jumped right on it! So pretty much through the day today we've been researching and looking to the Lord for understanding on this and to see where this is going to lead.

So we found several things. First, last night I was searching, to no avail, for some videos about Trump 's mother's family in Scotland, in relation to the standing stones, and time travel. Because we know that Trump is very well known for having lots of connections to going through the wrong door playing with time, space, dimensions, and time travel. If you haven't heard that, I suggest you watch some of the videos we're posting here that shows a lot of background in that regard relating to Trump.

Well, just before I went to bed last night, and then this morning when I got up, the Lord placed two videos in my YouTube feed that were done by Casey at Enter The Stars, from two years ago. We've probably seen these, but I could only remember a few pieces of what he said - so I was thanking Jesus for putting these in front of me because WOW its totally connecting the puzzle pieces!! So - when I saw the titles of each of them, I seriously almost fell out of my chair! And here they are below...

So in one of the videos, there was a magazine cover that I'd seen before in my research, from 2017, that had several cards out of what looks like a tarot card deck. Well, obviously, we wouldn't ever look at them, nor do we ever recommend them, because it's all witchcraft, and satanic. However, when it's on a well known national magazine cover for all to see, we take notice. When the powers that be put out things like that, they're talking to each other, and it's their way of saying...”Hey, we told you beforehand, you just had to figure it out!” That is just the way of the satanic elite. I've always believed that the Lord makes them do that, so that anyone with eyes to see we'll be able to find and understand these little controlled releases of information, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, we'll be able to put the puzzle pieces together.

Here's that magazine cover below...

And although there is a ton of connected meanings on that cover in relation to what we're sharing with you...let me especially emphasize THIS one:

And then take a look at this from yesterday:

Getting a little over-the-top crazy for ya enough yet? lol

Ok, so now I'm going to post a story about a stone that they actually put INSIDE the actual throne that Charles' sat on. They slide it into a special cubby they built into it, because this particular stone - traditionally - is placed under every the seat of the throne of every monarch in Britain (as well as Scotland back when they had their own king/queens). I know. SO strange. But here is some background that we found out....


Ok so HERE'S the kicker!


What is May 1st? You may think it's just a "happy celebration of Spring, right...?


And then Jennifer did a search and found THIS!! This is the BIGGEST kicker........

"Why is May 1 called May Day? As noted earlier, the Celts split the year into two parts: dark months and light months. The celebration of the dark months takes place on Halloween (October 31) or as the Celts named it, Samhain. Exactly half a year later on May 1 is the celebration of the light months."

SOCKS OFF!!! AMAZING what Jesus is revealing!! HALLELUHJAAAAH!! GLORY TO GOD!! NOW we know WHY Trump was there, and that it MOST DEFINITELY wasn't just a "golf trip"!!!

What is Samhein?



Ok so here is the map of where Trump was. And of course London is just a few hours south, in southern United Kingdom.

OK so in a nutshell, now that we understand everything that we've shared above, we know for 100% sure, by the confirmation of the Holy Spirit, that Trump was not there "about his golf courses". He was there for a very specific reason, he was there to do a very specific Antichrist ritual (spiritual AND physical), and I believe the Lord has shown us that this ritual has put the finishing touches on the stage for the Antichrist, “Barak O Bama, Lightening From Heaven”, to take his place. And so not ONLY did they perform this antiChrist satanic ritual, but EVERYONE that "swore allegiance with the king" AGREED with the ritual!! And there were dignitaries and leaders from ALL OVER THE WORLD!! AND - for the FIRST TIME EVER - they opened up the "swearing allegiance" to anyone in the general public who wanted to "swear allegiance" right along with em!! I mean you can't make this crazy stuff up!! LITERALLY the Book of Revelation is UNFOLDING!!! This is ABSOLUTELY UNPRECEDENTED!!

And let me add one thing Allyson observed when she was watching the coronation. She noticed that at one point, Charles & Camilla stepped behind some kind of screen, out of sight, and they could have EASILY joined whatever ritual was happening there "physically". Keeping in mind, there was definitely a simultaneous ritual happening up in Scotland as well, as you can see by everything The Lord has led us to above. So there was a TON that happened spiritually yesterday -- and we here on the team have gotten full confirmation in the spirit!

Here is the "so-called" anointing screen - whatever. *rolls eyes* - Yeah - false anointing from dirtbag satan if ya ask me! SO nuts.....

So if you have not taken the first shot of the CV vax, the mark of the beast, and you have not come to Jesus Christ…THERE IS NO MORE TIME!!! Wake up! Examine your heart before God, and seek his face like you've never sought him before!! Give your life and your heart to Jesus Christ COMPLETELY, and make sure your heart it's right with Him, and ready for what is about to befall this earth! Because without Him, there is absolutely NO HOPE. Amen and Amen.

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