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We have all learned by now that the Lords timing is not our own and we have all experienced the urgency and imminence in His messages to us as though His coming will be “tomorrow”. Though the same imminent feeling came over me with this word, I am also understanding that even though Our Bridegroom is standing at the door, on earth, many days, weeks, months or even years can pass by. I am reminded of 2 Peter 3:8 and thus we have no idea where we are in that and so to be expectant at all times is the best thing we can do. He is standing at the door, eager and excited to receive His Bride.

I pray this word encourages and blesses you with excitement and anticipation of His coming.

Aug 24/21 9:55 PM

My darling Bride,

This is your King speaking, your loving Bridegroom. I AM beside Myself in excitement over the joy My Bride is about to experience upon receiving My hand as we enter in to our banquet together. My Bride, all I have prepared is far beyond anything you could ever imagine. Even those of you with the most creative and elaborate imaginations will be over the moon when your eyes behold all that is for your pleasure, your joy: unspeakable!! We are so close to being ready to receive you, My Bride, and all the plans we have will commence. I ask My precious ones to fill your hearts with great expectancy, with anticipation of the fulfilment of our wedding vows, for the Bridal Chamber is ready and is but awaiting the Bride to enter in. What delight your hearts will feel when you behold all that is for your pleasure, your peace, and your favor, for no more will you ever again feel sorrow, tears, or any suffering.

Look up My Bride, for your redemption draws nigh. I AM at the door. Ready your hearts to receive your Bridegroom.

Yahushua Ha Mashiach

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