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Frequency, Aurora Borealis, Timelines, & Kathy: Prophetic Revelatory Understanding 'TIMELINE IS ABOUT TO FOLD BACK'!!

Updated: Jan 14

NOTE: There was no specific date that it went out to relating to the date that the timeline folds back, I just understood it was "approximately" by the end of the year - of course we've moved into what 'the world' tells us is January 2024 - but, of course, everything is SO upside down and backwards, we just take things a moment at a time as we wait!!




In the last year, I shared with you guys that the Lord has spiritually brought me to meetings, multiple times, of the leaders of the first group of 144,000 firstfruits. When He does this, He brings a feeling of sleepiness over me so that I will go and lay down for a nap. And while I sleep, He takes me in the spirit to these meetings! That is the best way I can explain it! I've been to about three of them, maybe four in the last year. I have no memory of what happens there, or what it looks like, I am just left with a knowing that I attended. Well amazingly, this week alone I have already been to TWO of these meetings!! And I am getting super excited! And both times, I had a knowing that we are here, this is it! I knew in my spirit that these were meetings to let us know that it's time, and we are to get prepared and ready because everything is about to begin! And now, let me tell you what has happened in the last 24 hours!

So last night the Lord was leading me to look for a movie to watch in relation to time and timelines. We've already watched several, but I knew that there was something He wanted to show me. So I went through a bunch of them in the list, and narrowed it down to three. I sought the Lord and asked Him which one He wanted me to watch, and the one called “Frequency” is the one I knew that He was pointing to. The storyline talked about something with the Aurora Borealis, and that grabbed my attention right away.

So as I started watching the movie, right away they're talking about the Aurora Borealis, and how it actually affects communication with ham radios. I thought that was very interesting because I had never heard that before. So I continued listening and watching, and about 10 or 15 minutes into the film, I started to feel a very strong leading from the Holy Spirit to pay very close attention to what I was watching…and the more I watched the stronger this leading became! I knew the Lord was showing me something, and I knew it was in regard to the Aurora Borealis, Frequency, and Timelines. That was the knowing I had in my spirit. Dan ended up joining me part of the way into the movie so we watched the rest of it together, and he even got a confirmation in his spirit that the Lord was showing us something about the Auroras and Frequency in relation to the Timelines. The movie ended up getting very intense to say the least. But there was many little nuggets in the movie that began to really speak to me. We watched until the end, it was a great movie (not for kids due to a couple murder scenes), and by the time it was over, it was late last night so I figured I would pray on it and revisit it in the morning.

So this afternoon, I was led to watch the movie one more time. And again, had the same very very strong leading from the Lord to pay attention because there was something very important He wanted to show me. Right about the same time, as I was watching the movie, I was led to send an e-mail to a very close sister in the Lord. I had had some other thoughts about what I wanted to write her, but when I opened the e-mail and started to type, this is what my fingers typed... almost involuntarily!




I believe it's time my dear...the timeline is about to FOLD BACK





It's time to get serious my dear. The Lord has been speaking to me since last night, and I believe He is confirming the Aurora Borealis is about to happen all over the world, which means the 3 Days of Darkness and Transfiguration is about to happen. This means we push aside everything that's on our plate, no matter what it is, and PRAY PRAY PRAY. We need to make sure we're getting any heart healing and deliverance we need - like - now. I have never been more serious in my life my dear.


Seek Him on this. Seek His face. Ask Him what HIS will is for you at this moment. And get ready!! Because HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!






I was absolutely floored when I ended that e-mail! But I knew in my spirit that is what the Lord had been trying to get across to me as I was watching that movie! Just as that subject line says...



So in regard to Frequency, the Aurora Borealis, and the Timeline, I believe The Lord was giving us some confirmation on different things He has revealed to us in the last six or eight months. Things that He will have us do in the Harvest. But frequency is a very very big part of everything that is happening in relation to the black hole/wormhole, as well as the mixing and merging of all the timelines.

I'd like to remind everybody of a vision I had, I believe it was, last summer, 2023. In this open vision I saw all of the first group of first fruits coming back from outside of time heading back here for the harvest, and they were sounding a frequency that was the most amazing sound I'd ever heard! I do believe that It was, at least in part, the song from Revelation chapter 14 that only the 144,000 will know! It is a frequency like has never been heard, and it was beyond beautiful! And I knew what I was seeing in that vision was all about God's Frequency. Of course the enemy has his own frequency, but the Lord fights the battle through us with His Frequency! It's so exciting!

And I knew right away why He was showing me the Aurora Borealis! There have been countless brothers and sisters who have had words, dreams, and visions that there will be an event where the entire world will see the Aurora borealis for several days! No, not just one part of the world, the ENTIRE world will see the Aurora Borealis everywhere! This will be the sign that there will be just two to three days to prepare for the three days of darkness! But for first fruits, we of course know that Transfiguration and Transformation will happen on the same day, but very early that morning. Sooooo….this means…FIRST FRUITS ARE ABOUT TO SEE JESUS FACE TO FACE!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! COME ON JESUS!!!

And of course, the Timeline is related to all of this, because as soon as the Transfiguration and Transformation happens, and the Three Days of Darkness commences, the entire time shift we'll begin because earth will have completely entered the worm hole! There will be chaos on the earth such as never been seen since the beginning of creation! Now something we have been discussing in relation to timelines, is that the Lord revealed to us that this Timeline that we are in, it is a counterfeit enemy prison timeline that the enemy thinks he has us trapped in. Little does dirtbag enemy know, God is about to do an amazing mighty Work! He is about to fold this whole timeline back to August of 2023, and everything will begin! How this is going to happen, and what it's going to look like...only God knows! But He has given us an amazing heads up, and we all need to make sure that our hearts are ready, because - HERE WE GO!!!

Now, the confirmation that I received on all of this tonight, without going into the whole story, someone had sent us a screenshot of a TV show which we will talk about on another video, but within this picture was a Rubik's Cube with all its colors mixed up.

The reason that's such a big deal is because last summer, Jennifer had seen a Rubik's Cube in relation to how to explain how everything is going to go upside down and backwards when the earth enters the wormhole. As well, there's a video that a sister did about four years ago where she also had a dream about the time shift, which we understand now to be when the timelines enter the wormhole. Well, she ALSO compared what she was seeing with a Rubik's Cube! It was complete confirmation! She explained that it's like if you take a Rubik's Cube that's completely in order, with all the sides matching...the reds, the yellows, the Blues, the greens etc, and then you mix it all up. That's the way to explain how crazy everything's about to get! Well tonight, literally at the same time that I sat here for a little bit looking to the Lord and praying and asking him for a confirmation on all this, Allyson points out the Rubik's Cube in the picture we were sent! And I almost fell off my chair! Socks were off all over the place lol Praise Jesus! I knew that was my confirmation and that I needed to post this here!


So everybody get ready! Because we are here, this is it, and everything is about to begin! And personally, my advice to all of you is, just keep your eyes on Jesus, don't try to figure it out, don't try to understand it, just let Him guide your every step, and keep your eyes on Jesus, and off the storm. Amen and amen!!



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