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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Hi everybody! So what's very interesting, is today is Prince Harry's 38th birthday! We couldn't possibly explain to you how many times in the last month his name has come up in dreams, conversation, and prophetic news! And to hear from our beautiful sister Allyson that today, September 15th, 2022 is his 38th birthday! I knew that was our signal from the Lord to make sure I put this post up and share all these amazing things the Lord has shown us! The dreams and words of knowledge are absolutely over-the-top! Please take some time to read through them and pray on it all. And please, if the Lord gives you any further interpretation or understanding of any of it, or if you yourself have had a dream, Vision, or word about Harry and Meghan, please pop over email to! Make sure that you scroll all the way to the bottom because I'm going to include a few links that will really knock your socks off!

What we believe that the Lord is showing us is that Harry is somehow going to be part of the announcing of the Antichrist Barack Obama lightning from heaven. However, you will see in Kelly's dream (below) from yesterday, she's also seeing that they're going to be part of a very big distraction. So they are about to play something out that's going to take everyone's eyes off of what's really happening, and the great deception is going to be massive! We will leave this to you to read through, and take to the Lord in prayer.


September 14th 2022 I want to record this dream. There's only a piece of it that I can remember but the dream was much longer. This was a little bit different. I needed to look up the names to be very sure I had the names correct. (Side note: Harry's given name is "Henry") But I remember seeing as if I was outside looking, kind of, with my sight aimed towards the towards the house. I'm not (fully) in the house, I'm just kind of peeking through and I remember seeing the person that people call Prince Henry and his wife Meghan...Princess Meghan (I think that's how they call her? I'm not exactly sure, but I think when I researched that was Meghans title) I remember seeing them both and they were inside this room. But then this was the strange thing...all of a sudden, I saw...its like, the scenery changed and I saw these people...all these people...think of them like makeup artists...people that are in the industry to create illusions. And all of the sudden, I see them doing something on this woman and she looks a lot like Meghan and she's's like she's creating an illusion making this woman look exactly like Meghan, and making this other man that was "not" Prince Henry to make him look like Prince Henry. And I remember that they dressed up as if they were dressing up for a stage. I remember that she wore literally - like - a whole princess dress on, and he was dressed up and I remember that she put on what looked to be a fake crown and literally look like a toy crown. And it was all like a big illusion. All of the sudden, I see these two people that made themselves look like Prince Henry and his wife, now coming out of this building, and I know that they are not who they say they are, but yet they are looking very similar...they are portraying themselves to be like them. I remember that they start to parade and everything like that...and to me, I felt like, it was creating illusion...creating's like they were being used to create the distraction. For some reason there's something being emphasized regarding this couple. I'm not exactly sure what it is but there is something regarding these people in regard to the "system". I'm not exactly sure once again this is something that we must take to the Lord in prayer. There is something going on with Prince Henry and his wife...something that has to do with with with the worldview...or like a form of distraction, to distract the audience from what is actually being played out. Because what I was seeing was an illusion. Seeing these artists create an illusion. Making these two people that were not even the actual people ("not" Harry & Meghan), just making them look like them. They made them act and confuse the audience, distracting them, pulling them away from from "what they did not want the people to actually know" What was emphasized, was the fact that the crown that they had was a fake crown. Again take it to the Father.

There is something going on with these two people, I don't know what it is, but they are being used to distract the people from the from what's really happening. I don't know what it is but whatever it is coming, whatever is going to happen, these two people will somehow be involved in creating distraction, trying to pull the people away from from focusing on reality, from focusing on the truth. So we have to always stay alert people from distraction from things that can easily distract us from things happening in the world. Yet, we also must pull away from the things of the world and keep our focus and our eyes on Jesus Christ for his return is imminent! We know this His Return is Imminent! We want to make sure that we are ready! Amen!


“I had a long dream, I don't remember the whole storyline, but there is one scene that I remember. I was with this other woman (I knew she was younger than me, but not too much younger). I somehow knew it was Harry's "sister". We walked into a big warehouse sort of thing and it was a circus or something. And his sister and I, are in the balcony (2nd level) of the bleachers, but like in the front row looking down. So we see somebody run up to a BIG caged animal(s?) and FOUGHT it/them, without any issue. And I hear his sister say "Oh WHY is he doing that!? He KNOWS better!" And I had a knowing she was referring to Prince Harry. Knowing there was some sot of “Beast” in that cage, I remember thinking, "Is he an IDIOT?" lol So then he walks away unscaved, and as he walks beneath us, I FOCUS IN on him because I wanted to see if I understood right, that she was referring to her brother, Prince Harry...when I see him, this white...or maybe gray...foggy covering that was surrounding him, sort of, fades away, and its Harry!! He looks up at his sister sitting next to me and yells, "Hey! Its MY body!" With PRIDEFUL SMIRK. I thought - “what a jerk”. And then I woke up.



“Prince Harry is going to TAKE something that he's not supposed to.”


“Harry is going to upsurp his Father's authority”

I believe it has to do with the ten Kings. I do not believe he will go against Obama but will come against the British throne and will be arrogant and Prideful because of his relationship with the antichrist.

CLIPPIT FROM DREAM: “So then he walks away unscaved, and as he walks beneath us, I FOCUS IN on him because I wanted to see if I understood right, and this - sort of white/maybe gray foggy covering fades away, and its Harry!!”This is interesting too, as it shows that his purpose has not been totally revealed. And the only other thing I can observe about the sister is she was observing in the bleachers (which may represent something).


I believe Harry is "wrestling the beast" right now to fight for his place as one of the North America King (one of the 10 kings) Which is why he moved to America. (KATHY: I TOTALLY AGREE!!)

Harry started the Invictus Games in 2014, and the sign of the Invictus Games says "I am" (blasphemous) and “Invictus” means in latin undefeated/unconquerable, so clearly this is total rebellion in the face of God.

When Harry wrestles with God, its like a “counterfeit” Jacob/Israel reference when Jacob wrestled with God...Harry is wrestling with the beast.




(she looks just like her Dad and Camilla)

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