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Dream Of 2 Angry Bears & 1 Docile Dan

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

3/21/22 (in the afternoon)

In my dream, me and Kathy were loading up what looked to be like a station wagon to go somewhere. With what items I saw, maybe a vacation. I looked to my right as Kathy was loading the back seat and a black bear came out of the woods looking around, but didn't do anything, and I told Kathy to stay still because there was a bear so she did. It passed and then we continued loading the car more when again out of the same woods to the right of us came a huge brown grizzly bear that looked like as big as a buffalo. Very muscular, and a smaller bear that wasn't a cub, but a little older with it. It looked at us, but didn't go near us, instead crossed the street and walked swiftly on the other side of the road as if it had some place to go. This bear was moving faster as if it had someone to go kill. We were safe though as it swiftly passed. The dream ended.

***Dan knew right away that the larger bear was Russia - and we know that China will be with them, but I suggested maybe the smaller bear is N Korea? HOWEVER -- this dream below really finishes the whole picture!! WOW!!

It wasn't 10 minutes after he woke up that he sat down and saw on my computer I had "just" then pulled up a video just put out today by NWO Nemesis!!! Dan's mouth was on the floor! FULL Confirmation that The Lord is telling us Russia attack is IMMINENT!!


Dan & Kathy packing the car represent they know they are heading out to Jesus and they are prepared for departure.

1st Black bear that came out of the woods was harmless yet it got your attention, and didn't pay much attention to you & Kathy. Black bears are mostly seen in North America and don't come out until in the Spring after winter hibernation. Maybe the first bear was just meant as a sign of the season that we are now in..."Spring".

The very large very irate grizzly bear represents the new Russia. The smaller very irate bear with it could represent the old off shoots of the old USSR, coming together to stand behind Russia to re-unite as things are building up with the war.

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