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Dream of a TSUNAMI over Los Angeles – Christine


Dream on the 4th of October 2021 in Germany

So, today I want to share my 2. Dream I had. I never dreamed such things. I live in Germany but in my dream, I went back to Los Angeles, where I really lived for some time.

In my dream I was back in L.A. but the room was the apartment from my parents, don’t know why. My parents both passed away in real life. This room was now in L.A. and this room was full of people who I don’t know in real life, but I knew them in the dream. I watched out of the window and was really wondering what de hell I am doing in Los Angeles, I know that this is not the time to be there. “I don’t want to be in L.A.” I was thinking … I saw the whole city and I saw the ocean too.

Suddenly I saw a huge, I am mean a huge wave coming to the city, so high that I knew, that’s it, we are going to die now. But I was not afraid, not at all. I closed my eyes and I fell on my knees, and I prayed, please JESUS help!!! JESUS HELP!

I was suspecting that the wave soon will hit our building, but nothing happened. Then I opened my eyes, and I saw Jesus in the middle of us, I did not see his face, but I knew it was Jesus. I saw the surrounding water on all windows, like if you watch in an aquarium, but the water was not coming in! We were all not afraid of anything. It was like we were in the middle oft the greatest disaster, but nothing happened to us because we were with JESUS, totally protected under his wings. The water pulled than away!

Then I woke up. Puuh this dream really gave me confirmation that it doesn’t matter WHERE we are. If we believe with all our Hearts in Jesus Christ, we will get saved even in the greatest disaster. With JESUS in our hearts, nothing will happened to us. We just have to believe this. That is what he promised!

With Jesus everything will work out fine. Without Jesus, we are a catch for the enemy. Don’t live one day without JESUS! He will do miracles in the coming times. Please everybody gave your LIFE to JESUS right now and life a live what he preached. We are facing tremendous hard times, what never ever happened on the earth before! It is not too late, it is still time. We are in the Time of GRACE. Don’t waste your time in worldly things. Focus on Jesus alone, get a personal relationship with him. He is REAL, he loves US, he is GOD! Amen

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