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Dream: Obamination Of Desolation - Meredith


The first dream:

I was giving Joe Biden a facial in my spa…I went to check him out and knew I needed to give him a receipt for what he had paid for…I told my receptionist “we need to print him an itemized receipt so he knows what he paid for, because he’s the Vice President or something I’m not sure!” And Donald Trump came in as well…but he wasn’t president either, although someone of importance.

The second dream:

I was also at my spa, and a huge wild black pig came in running through the hallway…

Meredith: I believe it was a message that the abomination of desolation is happening & Obama is the Obamination.


Note From Kathy: I would like to add a bit more to Meredith's interpretation. The black pig represents the filthy, unclean Obama/the antiChrist/lightening From heaven. Allyson on our team was also observing that its a wild pig, which is very dangerous. Allyson also had gone into a bit more detail on the "facial" & Joe Biden. She said "trying to make someone look "better" or "different"…you usually put a facial mask on someone and then peel or wipe it off....imposters." We believe its a general representation that none of the 3 people in the dream are who the public perceives them to be. And she called Biden Vice President, because of course Obama is the actual "President/antiChrist" running the show - as they "announced" on 4/5/22 when Obama came back to the White house. And, regarding Trump, he just walked in, which means he is on the scene for a particular purpose. We believe he is the false messiah Ben Joseph/the false John the Baptist for the antiChrist Obama, who is the false messiah ben David. As we know, Trump got the whole mark of the beast/cv vax going - but we are waiting to see how his full role plays out as we speak.

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