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Kelly - dream -11/3/22:


I woke up from a dream...a horrible dream...a warning to the people. Heed the warnings. JUDGEMENT, JUDGEMENT, JUDGEMENT IS HERE. JUDGEMENT IS FALLING...and MORE on its way. REPENT! ALL of you! Repent and turn from your wicked ways!! Repent from your wicked deeds! For the deeds of mankind is before God. He sees all and knows all. Repent, repent all of you, and turn from your wicked deeds. The return of our Messiah is at hand! Heed the all who have the ears to listen! JESUS is coming! JESUS is coming! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is coming! Be you ready! Purify yourselves! Sanctify yourselves! Repent and turn from your wicked deeds! For the Return of our Messiah is at hand. Be you ready!

I was shown how this world is turning into Sodom and these end times. Sins, evil deeds, wickedness of the people!! I was shown the wicked Sodom and Gomorrah. Immorality...sexual immorality... Turn from your wicked deeds! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! I saw, sort of, a shadow of if I was passing a doorway, I could see the silhouette of people in a room. You could tell what they were doing, and I could see the affect. So as I passed through the hallway I was in, there were different rooms. Once again, sexual immoralites were happening behind closed doors. Jesus is coming! Be you ready!

We are the last generation who will see the Return of our Messiah, Jesus Christ...and we must prepare, we must be ready! Repent all of you, and turn from your wicked deeds. Judgement is here, and more is on its way! For all of you who have ears to listen, the time is now! We have no more time! The time is now to be ready. The time is now, whom do you choose? Many are in the valley of decision. Whom do you choose this day to serve? This present day has been given to you to repent, and turn from your Wicked Ways. Tomorrow has not been given to you....but "this" day...TODAY is the day. REPENT before it's too late!!

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