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Dream: Antichrist – AJ

November 4, 2021 2:47 AM AJ

Today is 4/11/2021

I had another dream about the Antichrist (3rd of the same kind). The sky had a hole in it like a broken plasma screen. There was another sky behind it (Which was the real one). So the Antichrist appeared in the sky masqueraded as Jesus having even fire all around him, we were excited and shouting out to him. I was holding a smartphone up recording a video of it all and other people who were with me also had smartphones capturing it. So when the Antichrist finally came down we worshipped him but he instead responded in a funny way – boastfully, he said, “yes go on worship me..” And his eyes were dark even he looked evil and so I knew this was the devil not the real Jesus Christ. So I rebuked him and warned everyone else not to worship him and we started praying against the lies of the Antichrist. Then he changed into his real form, a small green human like creature with a horn on his forehead. So I grabbed him by the horn and yanked him on the ground and crushed his head with the heel of my shoe.


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