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Dream: A Warning From The Lord, Destruction Comes, Judgement On The House Of God - Susan on the team

Susan's Dream 11/5/22

I had a dream that was repeated twice. It “started” to repeat a third time, but I only saw the very beginning repeated in the last one.

I was in a modern Christian outdoor church service in some sort of field-like place – I'm sitting in the congregation to the right side in front of the elevated stage. Suddenly I see 2 fireballs coming in from the sky, they were gray missiles and they had a yellow glow around them. I saw the first one head down toward the left side of the field where the church service was. Then the second missile was heading our way, and I heard the Holy Spirit say “Get down”. So I crouched down and it missed me, but I knew it caused many deaths in that church service. Then I picked up a red bible and left.

In another part of the dream, I was surviving in malls, tunnels, rooms, and schools. I was carrying a white plastic bag that had in it some of my belongings, just trying to figure out where to go and what to do. At one point, a girl told me a brother had given her a cell phone with a number ending in '120', but it no longer worked. However this same brother she was referring to, gave me a different cell phone that had a number ending in '137'. I ended up somehow no longer having that cell phone, and didn't know what happened to it.

During the third and final repeat of the dream, like the first two repeats of the dream, I first tried to sit on the right side of the church service. Interestingly, this time it was full, and an usher lady led me to stand toward the back of the service at the rear of a yellow school bus that was parked there. There were two ladies that were also standing next to me. One of the ladies was very pregnant. And when the pregnant lady saw me, she hugged me. I said to them that I had a dream where missiles hit this church service, and half the congregation was killed! And I explained to her that the scenery was very reminiscent of the Ukraine. (This scene and the conversation all took place within the dream). After I shared the dream with the two ladies, I said “it would probably be better to be in heaven than to have to deal with the aftermath of such an event.”

I had a knowing that I was supposed to tell people about the missiles, and I think I actually mentioned that to the other ladies as well.

End of dream.



(Thanks to Tricia for organizing everybody's puzzle pieces in such a beautiful way by the guidance of The Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!!)

First two dreams = represents these are warnings from the Lord in dream form because this is how the Lord warns his people of things to come and it happens twice to represent the two witnesses;

The Third part of the dream is the prophetic Third Day to come when the 1st group of 144k Rachel Bride are resurrected/receive our glorified bodies

Susan sitting on right side of “the church” because she is part of the 144k Rachel bride – sheep on the right, goats on the left. The missile destroyed those on the left because they are the tares/goats of the church. On the right side of the church are the wheat, and Susan in her close relationship with Jesus was warned by the Holy Spirit to protect her. The red bible represents the blood of Jesus because Jesus is the word.

I think Susan sees many different locations because each true follower of Jesus is in a different place in their walk with Jesus:

Malls – place of provisions

Tunnels –place of transition

Rooms – where people are in their heart healing process

Schools – place of spiritual teaching

White plastic bag – Holy enduring provisions from the Lord

Cell Phone = Prayer/Call to the Lord

The 120 Cell Phone means that the girl who had it was “waiting in the upper room for Jesus” as many Christians are, but unfortunately her cell phone didn’t work because God will no longer hear her prayers because she represents those who are marked by the CV Vax.

The difference between the two cell phone numbers 120 and 137 is 17 and as Allyson said the difference is victory. Susan will have victory in Jesus as one of the unmarked 144k Rachel Bride group. I agree with what Matt got on this number last night. He said 137= The Trinity of God’s perfect numbers 1 3 and 7. One God in Three Persons with a 7 Manifold Spirit, Hallelujah! I think his point also that the reason the Cell Phone no longer worked was because the Age of Grace is over when the missiles fall.

Susan is part of the 144k bride and will not be here when the missiles hit, the school bus represents the 144k Rachel Bride going off to their “school” to be trained outside of time before they come back for the harvest. The pregnant lady is about to give birth to the manchild and those in the 144k Rachel Bride will be blessed by Jesus as the group who is “counted worthy to escape” to heaven. Hallelujah!

The first two dreams were the two witness warnings from the Lord and those in the Rachel 144k Bride Group are part of the watchman who are warning right now. I think Susan describes the destruction in her dreams as Ukraine because Ukraine will probably be where the missiles first land. I think the Lord is confirming that when the “missiles come down” in Ukraine, the Bride goes up! This dream is imminent because we know there are warnings out that the missiles may be falling in Kherson in Ukraine as early as tomorrow, 11/7!! Come on Jesus!



Servant of Elohiym Dream – 11.5.22

“Dimension/Dragon wanting to devour! Royal Garments! Change!

She is running in a group of people and a dragon is chasing them wanting to devour them. As she states on her recording, this is clearly the depiction of the Revelation 12:4 dragon waiting to devour the manchild. She mentions there was a moment where the dragon arrives in our dimension, this confirms what we have been shown about the timelines converging and the time travel from one dimension to fragrant the next is depicted by the train she describes.

Hallway of a school – Hallway = Transition; School = in training, students of the Holy Spirit (same theme as Susan’s dream with the school bus ending); the Manchild/Rachel Bride training for the Harvest;

The manchild group tries to warn people the dragon is coming. These people are wearing headphones, they represent those “in the world” listening to the frequency of Satan, so they do not want to hear the warnings from the Lord.

Audience of innocent people – the “innocents” are standing by and “observing” all, manchild group tries to keep the dragon from going after them. This makes me think of the manchild as the “restrainer”: 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 6 And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time. 7 For the: [d]mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only [e]He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

The manchild’s scent (that the dragon can smell) is that of the fragrant oils they were anointed with as they sacrificed themselves upon the altar of the Lord in the sanctification process (Like the priests in the Book of Leviticus were directed to do with their offerings to the Lord).

Moments to take a break/have breathing room, she says time overlaps itself here. I think this is the moment that the Bride goes outside of time where they will have some “breathing room” to be trained outside of time to come back for the Harvest. It is “military training” to come back to battle for souls in the Harvest.

King and Priest’s Robe – birds (messengers of God) were holding the Robe up, in the story of Cinderella (Cinderella represents the Bride as a humble servant to the Lord). This will be the Bride’s garment when she is glorified and called outside of time (Revelation 5:10: And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.)



Dan and I were having lunch with a sister in The Lord, and I was looking at my menu, Dan felt his eyes look at my menu. He looked at a particular item on my menu, and he saw a vision of words that weren't there....he SAW..."BLOODY TUESDAY"!! He blinked his eyes and the vision went away and he saw the actual menu again.

We all immediately thought of this Tuesday, 11/8/2022, because the Blood Moon will be early that morning! There is also an IMMEDIATE threat in Ukraine, in the town of Kherson!! Russia has evacuated and emptied the entire city and they are expecting the attack from Ukraine on 11/8/22!! So this prophetic vision could EASILY come to pass that day! WOW!! COME ON JESUS!!!

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