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Dreadful, Ghost like, Iron red and Dark Meteor: Near Impact – McKana


September 1, 2021

Revelation 18:21(KJV)And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

The Lord doesn’t give revelations in sequential order. I saw all the events without seeing what causes them. I saw an impact in the middle of the ocean, a mountain high tsunami from the Atlantic, the Earthquake in the East cost of the continent of the US, the boundary as to how far the tsunami goes inland-Appalachian mountains and streaming beyond. Much later I saw a huge earthquake in the Caribbean islands. In all this, the Lord didn’t reveal to me what causes them. This is the last piece, the dreadful meteor very close for impact. There you have it, The Meteor, the Impact, the mega earthquake, the Tsunami and the boundary where the tsunami ends. This last one is the “Mother of all storms”. Everything following this meteor is a cascade and chain reaction of one event after the other. I have shared everything the Lord revealed for me in this website. Now we have all the pieces fitting like a puzzle.

Ghost like, Iron Red and Dark Meteor


As you remember in many of my testimonies, I mention spiritual attacks, ceaseless severe attacks. The same today. I experienced an attack at 2:00AM, an hour and half after I slept, then at 4:00AM. I was struggling to sleep after the last one. In that moment at 5:00AM I saw a clear vision.

It is not far like the sun, not far like the moon, it is close. I can’t give a measure of a distance but close enough. I saw clearly a very frightening ghostly, demonic evil looking meteor. It is partly red hot, Iron hot and dark like coal dark meteor. It is big, roundish, very frightening. I see the whole body of this iron red, coal dark meteor close, very close. I see it like a stone going to land on ones head. I didn’t see the tail, flaming train but the meteor as a big stone. This meteor has a very dreadful look like some one jumps out of the dark like a ghost.

It is coming! It is around! very close!

Ready Primarily Is Repent!

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