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Do You Feel It? – Cherrie Archer


8-3-21 8:31am

I woke to a song, Jesus You are everything, I give my life to You, I give my life to You Jesus. These are the words that He gave me.

Prepare, be ready, do you feel it? Do you understand what it is you feel?

The upset in the air? The turmoil? Always something to throw you off track, to keep you from prayer, from seeking Me for the lost.

Angry words, thoughts, behaviors, unexpectedly throws you for a loop causing tears and the immediate thought to hate comes rather than prayer for those who have done you wrong.

Do you feel it? Do you see it? Do you understand it?

Something BIG is coming and the enemies tactics have NOT changed. You see it daily on the News of the day. Create an issue over here as to keep eyes off the real issue that needs prayer before you.

This is what is happening to My intercessors NOW!

Keep them stirred up with other issues so they can not feel the call to prayer against the enemy.

Understand and Know the tactics of the enemy, rise above, lift your voice in Praise and worship and your enemy the Devil will flee.

In a war the combatants Do Not leave their artillery behind to pursue other thoughts, ideas.

It is time to STAND! The enemy is at the door. DO NOT let him in to play with your mind. The harvest is ripe. Do Not be distracted.

Use discernment do not allow what is Not of Me in the door.

Pray, Praise, worship, Read My word, Know My word. The truth will set you free.

Are you battle ready? Are you battle hardened? A good soldier never goes into battle unarmed.



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