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Decapitated Statue Of Liberty...NYC & America...Imminent Destruction! -- Brittany Coutino

A few nights ago, I had a dream, I was with a white (caucasian) man who was my husband. We were walking on a highway, and an airplane on fire fell to the ground where the corn had been, it was harvested and dry. By the time the plane fell, it was in 5 pieces. Then I found myself in a building in New York City - it had been totally flooded, and through the front windows of this building, with gold swivel doors, I saw the Statue of Liberty with her head cut off bobbing in and out of water, but no water came in, I was safe. Then It switched and there was a little girl in a house with many levels, I said the house is about to fall, if you have anything to get get it now because the house is about to fall. End of dream


Our team got "some" interpretation...the obvious -- Destruction comes to NYC & America.

But also that her husband - "white" - even tho she means caucasian, she said it as "white" meaning purity", and we believe that represents Jesus being her (The Bride) Husband.

Corn harvested represents the Harvest of the rest of the Body of Christ that we're about to be part of.

Gold swivel doors represents God destroying the mammon in the financial capitol of America, Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots!! And of course Brittany was safe because she is under the Shadow of The Almighty.

And the multilevel house represents the "house of cards" - about to fall! And the little girl tells us WHO the house of cards represents -- America is YOUNG, just 200+ years old - and the fact that she is female represents (America being) "Mystery Babylon The Great The Mother Of Harlots. And its ALL coming down.

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