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2024 Super Bowl Breakdown...About As Much Of A Satanic Ritual As It Gets!!! We Are KNEE DEEP In Confirmations & Signs!! NO MORE WAITING...WE ARE HERE.

Well it says in our headline......NO MORE WAITING...WE...ARE...HERE.

Now we've been following those that have broken down super bowls in the past, and we have been breaking down super bowls for YEARS...and we have seen some DOOZIES!! But THIS year....this year takes the CAKE!! At first glance, to the untrained eye, this one didn't look too bad, right? Seemed to go pretty normal, right? Even the halftime show...maybe it had its usual sinful antics...but it didn't seem like past Madonna or some of the other half time shows over the past 15 years, right?? Usher didn't seem so bad, you know he's got that sweet baby face, and sweet smile, right?? WRONG. Lemme tell ya...the overtures, hints, numbers, signs, symbolism, and all our BLATANT IN YOUR FACE - "WE'RE HERE, IT'S OUR TURN" stunts, was BEYOND FATHOMABLE!!!

So I am going to do my best to share everything we found, all the signs and symbolism

that we were led to look at, and all the blatant stunts that we were able to snap pictures

of and break down for you!

So, the first thing is minor I realize...but to set the atmosphere, the first thing I noticed

was the fact that in all the live feeds, many in the audience were dressed as if they

were freezing cold winter temperatures. Winter hats, winter coats, I wanna say I even

saw some gloves! And the thing is...they were INSIDE, in a climate controlled arena -

it was so obvious to me the people running the game wanted everything to look a certain way...such a show! Not to mention, just look at some of the just plain EVIL

looking faces, and worldly football fans in that crowd...covered in red...

just ready to worship "a sport". Of course we know a VERY large percentage is marked,

I'm sure. So even from the get-go, the ridiculousness of this "big top show" was

rearing it's ugly face.

NOW....the first absolutely ABHORRENT event that we must share with you - it is BEYOND satanic!! I personally believe this is the very first REAL EXAMPLE of what the quantum computer system will be doing with the marked, those who took the first shot of the CV vax, the mark of the beast. They are A.I, non-human Nephilim Hybrids that are no longer recognized by God. They are just plain robots, totally and completely possessed and controlled by satan....they are his property, and can NEVER be prayed away according to Revelation 14:9-11.


Notice this occured in KANSAS CITY!!! Remember ALL the confirmations we got that something REALLY big and "not good" is going to go down there. And it will be symbolic of the "heart of America failing...because America is done...she is already judged.

So.....THIS heinous act, is what you call a REAL SATANIC BLOOD SACRIFICE that was done the SAME DAY as the super bowl. We believe the sacrifice was done for the game itself, and for the Kansas City Chiefs to win in order for the antiChrist plans to go forward and be fulfilled. When you read the article, you will see it is incredibly loathsome and detestable, like I said, totally satanic. THIS is where we are -- this is like the resurgence of MOLECH from the Old Testament, when they would bring their babies to the statue to be sacrificed. Absolutely horrid.

I'm sorry we had to start off with such a horrible story, but you

guys need to know how close we really are to the Return of Jesus Christ.


Ok, so first I will jump back and point out a few things Allyson got while seeing the pre-game shows that her husband was watching. She had her little notebook and pen, ready to take notes!

So here's what she picked up:

Just before the game, the announcers have this (ridiculous) "winner/loser" picks moment.

They talk about these 7 people who choose who they think will win, and what the points for

each team will be at the end. Only 2 people chose the San Francisco 49ers, and everybody

else chose the Kansas City Chiefs. All scores on top were the 49ers, and all scores

on the bottom were the Chiefs.

And so here is some numbers she was led to sum up when she saw this:

Ok so first she added all the "losing" scores for the 49ers, which were 25,17,27,23,& 20 - these numbers all added together equal 112. Now, if you simply reverse have 211 - which IS 2/11 - the DATE of the game - and the DATE they were telling us that the 49ers would LOSE the super bowl!! Absolutely NUTS!!

Then she added all the "winning" scores for the Chiefs, which were 27, 20, 30, 27, & 21, which added together equal 125. Now something they (referring to the powers-that-be of course) do often in Gematria...they drop a number. So Allyson simply dropped the 1 on 125, left with 25...and of course the winning score for the Chiefs last night was "25"!!!! So of course - they ALSO told us that the CHIEFS would WIN the super bowl - even before the game even started!! You cannot try to make this stuff up!!! other very interesting thing Allyson did - so the two people who picked the 49ers, if you add both "win" scores - 'as if' the 49ers would win - 31 + 31, of course equals 62. Then she added the scores 'as if' Kansas City would lose, and those scores were 27 + 24, which of course equal 51. Then - as a CRAZY added bonus confirmation to all this craziness...when you add 62+51, you get 113. Now you might wonder why that's important? Well now, you would ONLY know if you happened to check the news TODAY...they VERY DAY AFTER the super bowl.....

On "RT" news, I just happened to come across this CRAZY "GEM" of a headline!!

Kamala told Wall Street Journal today, in response to growing concerns about Joe Biden's age and is failing memory..."I am ready to serve. There is no question about that." She is ANNOUNCING to the world that it looks like something's up with Joey boy!! I think we all know they've been workin on pushing him out so the antiChrist Obama can slide right in there!!

SO.....Allyson THEN got her "numbers" goin.......


And THEN - when Allyson did the numbers for the words Kamala spoke today...

Ok, so...71 is one of the numbers. Well - she then looked into it - and 3/11 (March 11th) is the 71st day of the year. WELL - 311 - in reverse is 113!!!! AND...of course we all know what happened back on 3/11/20 - some CRAZY COVID garbage was starting!! So there are SO many antiChrist tie-ins with all of these signs and confirmations!!!!

Ok - THEN it gets even BETTER!! So Kodi, on Decoding with Kodi channel on youtube, - he also did a breakdown for Kamala...and here's what HE got!!

Aaaaaand - of course Kamala would be the 47TH PRESIDENT -- although we know that she would not be recognized by God as a leader, so the Word of God does not apply to her in regard to the 8 kings - neither does Joey Biden because Obama is really behind the scenes AS the "8th king" - running everything. So Trump is the 7th king, and Obama is the 8th king - the antiChrist.


Ok so we're gonna skip to the end of the game, when the score was tied, and they had to go into overtime....what WAS that TIE SCORE anyway!?????? Let's see.......

it was 19 - 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what IS 19 in Strong's Concordance??? Hmmmm....Let me just look that up for you all!!

Yeaaaaaah. Sooooo that would be.......



Ok now we'll share a bit on what we found with the TOTALLY SATANIC halftime show.

Now as we know, the name of the artist who is singing is "Usher". And CLEARLY, as

several youtube channels we've watch have said, this show was the announcement of the USHERING IN OF THE ANTICHRIST HIMSELF!!

Of course we'll address the first BLATANTLY OBVIOUS reference of

"Barak Obama, Lightening from Heaven, the antiChrist.....

Usher is all in white, false purity among all the darkness,

the false messiah, the false savior.

Another clear symbol of false light, false satanic fire over Usher's head.

A brother brought up a good point, it could go back to Lahaina Maui and the fires,

and how things that were "blue" didn't burn, do you all remember that? It all goes

right back to satan, the antiChrist and his beast system.

Let me add this in here as well. This was a "throne" that usher walked down off of when he first started the show,. (Very sorry its a bit blurry, I took it off a video because its a bit of an action shot and not there for long) So - another brother who did a breakdown caught this one. They strategically place to tall figures (maybe representing Nephilim giants? Cant quite tell.) on either side of this throne set up, and with these dark figures standing where they are, it shows the clear shape of the enemy, baphomet, literally forming the entire back of the throne.

Here's what the original entire picture of this crazy throne looks like:

This yet another abhorrent and disgusting display of a combination of

symbolic satanic blood sacrifice and Mystery Babylon the Great,

mother of all harlots! It's even red and purple!!

Revelation 17: 3 So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And

I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy,

having seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet,

and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her

hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.

And of course, the antiChrist working VERY closely with his disgusting harlot!!

And these pictures below - if you've following our channel and our videos on, you'll know we see this as a crystal clear reference to the fact that time no longer exists according to God, He gave Kathy the revelation that He stopped the sun and moon on 12/31/21 at 11:59pm, and the only so-called "time" that we are seeing is what the antiChrist beast system TELLS us is "time". They use their fake suns and moons and worldly clocks, to tell us what "time it is". And of course this picture also represents the mixing and merging of timelines, within the black hole/worm hole (that was also reference in the picture below the clock) that the earth is in as we speak. (Please email us for video links that will explain all of this

further if you need more information.)

And now, several years ago, The Lord revealed to us that Daniel 7:25 "should" be worded this way for better understanding on what its REALLY saying:

Daniel 7:25

He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,

Shall persecute the saints of the Most High,

And shall intend to change times and...LAWS OF PHYSICS.

Then TIME & LAWS OF PHYSICS shall be given into his hand

For a time and times and half a time.

(referring to the mixing and merging of the timelines within the black hole/worm hole)

Aaaand, of course the antiChrist standing right over the lake of fire!!



Ok - so next, Allyson noticed that Taylor Swift was wearing "all black", which was a HUGE change for her when she attends Kelce's games. She is ALL about her "red" - for her own reasons, as well as for Kelce's team, the Kansas City Chiefs. So we found her choice of clothing very strange, but we waited to find out "why".

Altho she DID "carry" her red jacket over her shoulder, so she still had her signature red.

We have more craziness to share with you now on Taylor!

OK! SO Now we would like to thank our beautiful sister Linda for giving us a HEAD'S UP on this HUGE puzzle piece!! Our team has been trying to figure this one out for the longest time!

So, in I pet this scene:

We have never been able to figure out the little purple bottle! We've had an idea, but never had confirmations...UNTIL NOW!!! Check THIS out!!!

HA! How bout THAT!!! So remember on our last post and video on the super bowl, we told you that, from what we have found on line, she is a known witch. WELL....we totally believe The Lord is showing us this is not just perfume, but some sort of potion that has dirtbag words or prayers spoken over it! So you wanna know where the CONFIRMATION of this is!?? Check THIS out!!

So this is most likely just a different scent or something - but the same line!!

ENCHANTED !! I mean are you KIDDING me!!??? Take a look at the definition of "enchanted"

In other words....."witchcraft" garbage!!!!!!

THIS is a picture from one of her OWN VIDEOS!!


Now just a bit on Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs. Now he has been lifted up like he is some kind of garbage god.

In this below interview, Travis Kelce was talkin this guy Mahomes up like he was "the best of the best of the best" -- because he helped to "win" a FAKE GAME -- like they ALL ARE. Kelce even told the announcers to "give him his CROWN"...REALLY....all about the WORLD guys - and man stealing glory from God.

And this one below here s relating to "Tom Brady"- that for some reason they call "the goat" - appropriate, since his wife is a VERY well known and VOCAL witch as well (link: , which tells us where Tom is spiritually, ya think? So this article is saying that Mahomes has either broken Tom's record, or is coming close.

And we want to clear things up RIGHT NOW in regard to him. I came across a video where someone was alllllll excited because they saw him "give glory to god" after the game. This guy even played another interview with him saying he gives god glory" and even quoted a scripture. Well lemme tell ya - people are NOT who you think they are right now! 2/3 to 3/4 of the world is MARKED!! They've all taken the CV vax, the mark of the beast!! And guess what!? Mr. Mahomes is absolutely NO exception!! He is not only marked, but he was on the TOP of the list on a web site talking about the "top 15 football players that took the vax and are speaking out about it!! And guess who was NUMBER ONE!! Yeeeeep! Take a look!

NFL Players Who Have Spoken About Being Vaccinated


So as you can see, the confirmations are THROUGH THE ROOF with this crazy stuff!! And there is SO MUCH MORE to share!! RIGHT NOW - the next thing we're watching is Wednesday 2/14/24 - the big PARADE IN KANSAS CITY with the Chiefs!! REMEBER ALL the confirmations for Kansas City!! WATCH AND BE READY GUYS!!! FOR OUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NIGH!!! COME ON JESUS!!!

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