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2 BEAUTIFUL Dreams About A Wedding & An Imminent Birth! And Some Encouragment! JESUS IS COMIN!!

A Beautiful Dream Given To Our Sweet Sister Sylvia!!


Just want to share 2 dreams that I had last night. In the first dream, it was my wedding day and I saw that everything was fully prepared - the wedding reception and food were ready and the guests were arriving for the ceremony. However the dress that I was wearing was a pink floral knee length dress, which wasn’t the right attire for me as the bride. Then my sister-in-law came to my house and she had brought an extra dress for me to wear and it was an actual full-length white wedding dress. When I put it on, it fit perfectly and I now felt ready for the wedding ceremony.

Then I woke up for a short while.

When I fell back asleep, I dreamed that there was a very pregnant woman in my house in labour and about to give birth. Initially the contractions were not so close to one another but as the labour progressed to the final stage it came to the point where the contractions were very close, like maybe one minute apart and blood and water was coming out. Someone in the house yelled, “call the midwife!” Then I woke up.


So the FIRST DREAM - her short pink floral knee length dress represents the following:

Pink dress – pink is made from RED and WHITE

The Red represents the blood of Jesus at her salvation

The White represents the sanctification process that we are going through right now.

The reason it's a short casual dress is because it's representing her betrothing to as an "engagement dress" that we know of today.

***A Bit of an Explanation of the Galilean Wedding and what "betrothal" means:

When we come to Jesus in salvation, we automatically became the bride. But even though we are the bride it's more of an engagement or "betrothing" which, in a Galilean Wedding, means it's basically the first half of the wedding ceremony, and for all intents purposes they are married...but have not yet consumated. Which is where the bride is right now. So because we are now just waiting for Jesus to come and get us to

fully complete our sanctification, all we are waiting for is His final "Moment" with each of us, and then He will complete our sanctification. (The first group of 144,000 will then transfigure into their glorified bodies and be sent back here representing Jesus Fully God -- and the 2nd group of 144,000 will be transformed into their perfect bodies, representing Jesus Fully man. (At the end, when Jesus returns for the rest of the multitude of the church, and we all go to be with Him, that will "represent" our final Consummation and completion of the Marriage of the Bridegroom and the bride.)

So then, when her 'sister-in-law', which we were thinking either could mean a sister in the Lord, or could actually be representative of an angel of God that came to her and brought her this 'extra dress'... it doesn't mean that that dress was 'used', it was just 'extra' which means it could easily have been a brand new dress just for her. This is confirmed because it fit her perfectly...because it was actually "meant" for her! And of course she was sanctified and ready for the wedding supper of the Lamb!

Come on Jesus!! Glory to God!


And then the SECOND DREAM we believe is completely self-explanatory - PRAISE JESUS! HE'S COMING!! Revelation Chapter 12....The Manchild, the two groups of 288,000 are about to be born, and we're about to get perfected and glorified!!!!



So then Sylvia wrote me back and let me know this: "Before I went to sleep that night, I asked God if He could help us understand why we’re still here. So praise Jesus for the encouragement He sent! I pray it will encourage others who will read it on the website

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