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Dan & Kathy

Dan: Pastoral Giftings
Kathy: Heart Healing & Deliverance
Dan & Kathy:
Prophetic Giftings


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Dan & Kathy have been used in The Lord's ministry for 23 years now. He is a strong man of God, a wonderful husband and father. Dan has amazing gifts of evangelism, teaching, and pastoring the sheep as led of The Lord. He grew up in a household with a big "merged" family, when as a little boy, his mom re-married and he and his brother became the youngest of 6 children. After a very rough life, The Lord brought Dan through a lot of heart healing and deliverance that he needed to help him grow into the mighty man of God he is today. He shares his countless beautiful testimonies whenever The Lord leads!

Kathy is also a strong woman of God, and a loving wife & mother. In 2000, The Lord she was delivered of a life of Magisterium Roman Catholicism, for the FREEDOM of living in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Lord gave her the gift of healing & deliverance. However, it has taken - literally - the entire 23 years...lots of trials, experience ministering to others, and many, many sessions with The Lord in her own life of cleaning up layers of "baggage" from her past, in order to step into this amazing new level He is bringing us all into!! All glory to the God Almighty!!  


Back in about 2013, The Lord had given Dan a name for His ministry in them..."Grafted In".  They knew He wanted them to do youtube videos, but they weren't sure how that was going to work. So they just went by faith, started a youtube channel in about 2014, and started doing weekly church services for whoever The Lord would lead to listen. They realize now that was just a little training for the MIGHTY amazing and supernatural work that The Father would soon begin, which would open up their gifts like never before!! By 2019, not only had The Lord begun to bring brothers and sister in their lives to form a team family, but He led them to move their videos and livestreams from youtube to Twitch (for livestream) and (for videos). In 2019, through their videos, people began to call them "Team Jesus", so they adopted it into their name..."Grafted in-Team Jesus". Well in the fall of 2023, Dan, audibly, heard from The Lord that He wanted them to go by "Grafted In The Vine", and Kathy had gotten the clear confirmation that very day! Glory to God! So they changed it on everything, including here on the web site, and that is where they are now! We all just praise The Lord for all the amazing growth, strength, and wisdom that He has given this family in every way!! HALLELUJAH!! And we are all SO excited to be part of the amazing new move of The Lord!!

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Susan has been with the team for about 3 1/2 years now, and she is a very integral part of this family! She is not only one of Dan and Kathy's spiritual daughters, but she is very gifted and anointed and has a strong gift in the prophetic seer anointing, which means she sees and hears in the spirit very strongly. She also knows she has a call to boldness and leadership in the Harvest!! Susan has been Kathy's ministry partner in Heart Healing and Deliverance for at least 2 1/2 years, and she is used in a mighty way to help set God's children free. She has also been given many amazing prophetic dreams from the Lord that are just more puzzle pieces to fit right into everything the Lord has been showing us for some time now. Her sweet personality and excitement for Jesus and His calling her life truly encourages everyone on the team! Susan, you are truly a blessing my dear and we love you!


Jennifer joined us 3 years ago, she truly became part of this team and our family! :) The Lord has blossomed her gifts exponentially in the prophetic seer anointing within the past year, and she has not only grown in the prophetic and words of knowledge, but, along with Susan, she has become a very strong partner with Kathy in Heart Healing and Deliverance Ministry!! Glory to God! She also has an AMAZING gift of prophetic dreams and dream interpretation! The Lord has also revealed her very strong prophetic and evangelical calling for Jesus in His coming Harvest! Jennifer is such a blessing and inspiration in so many ways, through her obedience to The Lord and her constant willingness to serve, as well as her advice and encouragement. As well, she is always working hard to post anything The Lord leads her to share on her Holy Spirit Praise & Worship Forums to build up and encourage the children of God! It is a true joy to have Jennifer on the team! 

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A huge part of Jennifer's anointing is Holy Spirit
raise & Worship and the ministry of The Word
of God. Please click on the above pictures & check
out her daily forum on our web site to enjoy the
anointed worship & scripture The Lord leads her
to share with the body of Christ each day! 

Jennifer was also led to share a teaching
that That Lord gave her on the Full Armor
Of God! Please click on the above picture
& take a look!


We are SO BLESSED to have our wonderful & sweet sister, Allyson!! She joined the team 2 1/2 years ago now, and Allyson has also always been there for advice and encouragement for us. Once she joined our family, she blossomed in the spirit with Jesus, and she was given several giftings! She has a  huge anointing with numbers...The Lord gives her numbers in answer to prayer, and their meanings are like puzzle pieces to give a prophetic message of what it to come! She also has a strong gift of dream interpretation, and she and Jennifer together interpret any dreams the team, or others receive from The Lord! She is also VERY versed in The Word of God and The Lord, and He always leads her to share scriptures with us at just that perfect moment to confirm what He's showing us!! Even she doesn't realize how huge the call is on her life!! Love you Allyson!!! 


After 8 years of following Jeannie's youtube channel, we never imagined The Lord would connect us in such a beautiful way in summer 2020! Jeannie has become part of our family, and she recently joined us in the Heart Healing & Deliverance ministry, and we couln't be more excited! The Lord has called her as a leader of her own team in the Harvest, and she stands ready to do His work!! Glory to God!! She has a youtube and bitchute channel, and her videos are right in line with ours. (Altho she no longer makes new videos on youtube) She is also called as a First Group of 144,000, and she totally understands Transfiguration - For Jeannie, The Lord called it the "Barley Harvest" in 2016, which of course describes the First Fruits perfectly! And she can't wait 'til we head outside of time to get ready to be sent out into the Harvest! Glory to God!! We are beyond excited to have her in our family, and we look forward to all the new and amazing things The Lord will bring in through her!! AMEN!!

Jeannie has a Bitchute channel so she can post the TRUTH about current events and Bible Prophecy! PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURE ON THE RIGHT TO VISIT HER CHANNEL! :)

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Luke followed our channel back when we were on youtube for quite a while before he joined the team in January of 2020. Brother Luke is a faithful man of God who loves Jesus and loves to live His life to shine His Light and Love in this dark world. Luke has prophetic dreams and visions, and his gifts have grown so much in the past couple of years! The Lord also recently revealed his calling in the Harvest, and he is standing firm and ready to serve his Lord & Savior! Hallelujah!! Luke we all love you very much and we are so happy to have you, brother!!


Our beautiful, very strong, yet very humble sister Miriam has been with us for a year and a half, and we couldn't be more happy and blessed to have her!! The Lord brought her in by His Spirit for the work of The Harvest! Even just recently The Lord has also begun to reveal to her call into the prophetic for the Harvest, and she is praying into that! Glory to God! Her gifts of love, encouragement, and generosity are beyond wonderful and we are incredibly blessed that The Lord has given us the honor of having her on our team to help bring in the rest of the body of Christ before His Return! Hallelujah!! Welcome sister! We love you!!!


In Agape Loving Memory
We'll See Him Outside Of Time At Any Moment!! AMEN!!

Marty is a very good friend of Dan and Kathy and brother in The Lord, and after 3 1/2 months of overcoming enemy attacks, our brother has FOREVER overcome through Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!! And he is with Him in glory FOREVER!! GLORY TO GOD!! He is and always will be on TEAM JESUS!! HALLELUJAH!! AMEN & AMEN!! He always had a wonderful evangelical and prophetic call on his life. The Lord used him in this world to help bring people to Jesus, and He spoke amazing words of wisdom and prophetic words that truly edified and encouraged the body of Christ. He just beat us all outside of time and is dancing with Jesus and walking in who he is and everything The Lord has for him!! Jesus we ask that You tell our brother we'll see him outside of time soon!! We're only a breath away!!! AMEN & AMEN!!

   Our Beautiful            Family Of God!!

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Made by: Luke on the team :)

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